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    Dr Z Route 66 - the best of them all!

    Such a great amp. It was my first Z really. Technically I had an SRZ 65, but at the time that was way to much volume and gain for what I was chasing. The Route 66 is so wonderful when you have the ability to open it up. The thick mids make it wonderful for a Tele or Strat, and can keep either...
  2. bandintheclouds

    $500 Gigging Amp Challenge:

    Peavey Classic VT set clean and using pedals for dirt. Hell, you can pick those up for $250-$350. Really great for a clean platform. The dirt can be good in the right context too, but might be hard to dial in for a whole set. And...I would use the built in phaser for sure! Also, +1 on a used...
  3. bandintheclouds

    Best Delay for Running Dual Amp Rig

    Hey that could be a reallycool system. If I were after a modeler for other purposes, that would be the ticket. However, in my lo-tech game, I'd probably spend that kind of dough on...another TTE ;).
  4. bandintheclouds

    Best Delay for Running Dual Amp Rig

    Well, the Echosystem looks great! It may very well be exactly what I asked for...the best ;). I may be looking at a lower priced option since this will be a backup solution...but I'll dig in further on the Echosystem. Seems like a very powerful tool in its own right with a lot of features I...
  5. bandintheclouds

    Best Delay for Running Dual Amp Rig

    Looking for dual delay here. I want them to be set pretty close but with the delay signal more pronounced for one amp than the other.
  6. bandintheclouds

    Best Delay for Running Dual Amp Rig

    So I've been fortunate enough to have put together a sweet dual amp rig mediated by a Fulltone TTE to handle signal splitting duty. This is ideal because there are several ways to run the stereo delay from the echo. I always opt for the setting that sends a strong delay mix to one amp and a...
  7. bandintheclouds

    Sold Rivera Rockcrusher Recording - $500 shipped

    Lower price! I bought this a while back from another TGP'er to get overdubs done at home. It's a great unit and is excellent to use alongside IRs or with its own analog speaker sim. I'm back to doing most of my work at the studio again, and don't need this right now. It's in great shape other...
  8. bandintheclouds

    Is your local CL dead?

    I still check mine almost daily. Sometimes it's worth it. However, I used to do so many CL deals and now I can usually find whatever I'm after for a better price here or on Reverb, even with shipping and tax. There are exceptions of course!
  9. bandintheclouds

    Should I sell my Les Paul for an SG?

    Do you change guitars a lot during a set or just need backup in case a string breaks or something? If you don't need to change much for alternate tunings, I would keep the Les Paul. They can cover a lot of the same territory but each have their own unique attributes. Also, if you record at...
  10. bandintheclouds

    Back to the Fulldrive 2

    My first really nice, "boutique" type overdrive was a Fulldrive 2 that I bought new circa 2006. At the time, I was playing it through a 77' SF Twin Reverb (totally clean) and using mostly strats and teles. It served me well for a long time, though in retrospect, I still had a lot to learn about...
  11. bandintheclouds

    Plexi Type Pedal Platform?

    Yes, I forgot to mention the bright cap. You usually want it out when gain knobs are turned down for cleanish/light breakup. My tech put the bright cap on a push pull activated by the bright channel gain knob. This is great because with some guitars it's nice to have the option or blend in with...
  12. bandintheclouds

    5 to 10 watt blackface cleans amp suggestions

    It sounds like you want a Princeton Reverb to me. A little more wattage than 5-10, but you can re-baffle with a 12 inch speaker if you really need to. I gigged a SFPR with an efficient 10" speaker with a full on rock band for a while. Was asked to turn down a time or two actually. The Chihuahua...
  13. bandintheclouds

    Plexi Type Pedal Platform?

    I like a vintage plexi circuit with a PPIMV set to break up just slightly and volume pulled down to wherever it needs to be. My current is a '69 spec 1987 build by my tech Jeff Newell. Great pedal amp unless you need super clean. Loves to get bumped by a transparent overdrive to crunch up or...
  14. bandintheclouds

    lower gain preamp tubes realy giving more headroom?

    Not sure if this helps, but I've gone to running a 5751 in V1 of my plexi type amps. I realize this doesn't actually increase overall headroom of the amp, but for me, it makes dialing in the right amount of gain easier. I like these amps to be just breaking up a little and then use a boost or...
  15. bandintheclouds

    My take on fulltone

    I've never had any direct exchange with Mike. However, I purchased a TTE on the used market a couple years ago. It had some minor issues, but needed to be serviced. I dealt with Tsuguto and he was awesome. They serviced the machine and sent it back to me in perfect condition for the cost of...
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