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Recent content by BattleAngel

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    FS/FT: Timtone Blowfish - Price Drop - now $2250

    As the owner of two Timtones, I can verify that his guitars are top rate... ...this one makes me feel all kinds of itchy. I LOVE the Blowfish design.
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    New build- Eat a Peach!

    !!! sweet golly...
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    NGBD - New guitar Build Day - Larkin Strat

    This is absurdly gorgeous. Larkin's guitars are some of the classiest on the planet.
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    For those asking about Yanuziello guitars...

    Definitely "pretty" - exactly what I want to listen to as I try to lull myself to sleep (I am right now). I certainly wouldn't buy anything because of that clip, and it's not what I'd listen to to wake up or keep myself engaged throughout the day. If the rest of his stuff sounds like that, I've...
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    Culbertson Shrek

    I remember when it was on sale for a brief moment! You're a very lucky dude, that's is a massively cool axe.
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    New Gibson Model: Les Paul Jr. with a B Bender

    holy SMOKES. Gibson knocks it out of the park with this one. Will get.
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    The Paramour Model Baritone Prototype by Paul Rhoney Guitars

    Yowza these are some sweet, original designs!
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    Benavente Guitars Bel Air Model NAMM Booth 5270

    oh man, that's a really cool and fresh looking axe!
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    Walrus Audio Iron Horse distortion

    Certainly doesn't sound anywhere close to bad, but I can't escape the feeling that we're hearing more of the player's playing quality and less of the tonal quality of the pedal. Where I'm hearing the limits are in the high range slice of the distortion - in that there isn't much of it. When he...
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    New Gadow model..."The Bird"

    I gotta say man, this is my favorite Gadow yet. Seriously slick!!
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    Di Donato

    good lord I love it
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    Harmonist-type pedals

    Really? Cause... it's called the "pitch" factor, you know... ;) :bonk
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    NGD: Myka Acoustic

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!