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    Celluloid pick slips from my hand due to humidity! Help!

    I've moved to Florida from the northeast. I'm having trouble holding onto my mainstay Fender heavy celluloid pick due to the humidity. I don't like the nylon picks with a grip. Anybody know of a celluloid pick with a grip? Any other suggestions?
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    Epiphone & PRS made in China/Korea guitars - Are they any good?

    I have a PRS SE Custom 24 and a PRS SE Soapbar. Both guitars got upgraded pickups. Both are great bang for the buck guitars. The only problem I had with either is when bending the high E string around the 18th fret the note chokes out on the Soapbar. I assume the frets need to be leveled a bit...
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    a humbucker with more clarity/definition? almost single coil-like?

    Most low output PAF hum buckers are bright and articulate. I have a set of Wolfetone Dr. Vintage buckers that are exceptional. Very musical.
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    Backup Guitars with exact same setup

    I agree, most, if not all the people in the audience, except fellow guitar geeks, don't hear a difference. They're there to have fun. However, if having a backup that is close to your main guitar inspires YOU to play better/perform at a higher level, they will notice that. I use a '91 PRS Artist...
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    Shure SM 58 Alternatives?

    I'll try some stuff tonight at rehearsal. Thanks!
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    Shure SM 58 Alternatives?

    I'm currently using a Shure SM 58 mic in my Classic Rock band for my vocals. We have a modest PA and play mostly small clubs. The Shure SM 58 is a well known workhorse mic but It feeds back easily before I can get enough volume out of it. Anybody have any alternatives? I'm looking into the Audix...
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    What is the perfect gigging guitar for a cover band?

    For years I used a Strat for most of the material with my PRS Artist for the "beefier" Rock tunes. Now I'm using my PRS Artist and a PRS SE Custom 24. I used to use a lot of pedals or a floor processor. I use a Kemper Profiler now and get most of my sounds via the amp profiles and more...
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    PRS SE pickups

    I replaced the PRS p90s in my PRS Soapbar with Lollars and the pickups in my PRS SE Custom 24 with WCR Darkburst/Crossroads. Both guitars sounded MUCH better. I bring both to the gig as go-to guitars besides my PRS Artist or Gibson Les Paul. Stock SE pickups are short on "vibe/mojo".
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    Let Us Now Praise Cheap but Excellent Guitars

    I prefer the overall feel and quality of my high end guitars. The notes bloom more, I never fret out on a big bend and they play/stay in tune much better. My cheaper guitars, which I bought for variety and vibe, are cool but needed fret work, in most cases new tuners and were subject to dead...
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    Anyone Use a Cheap Guitar to Learn Slide??

    I bought an old, cheap Epiphone Les Paul Jr. about 15 years ago purely for the P90 pickup. I use it now for slide. My band does "Just Got Paid" by ZZ Top. The slide part is in open E tuning. I raised the action just a bit so I could relax and "put on a show". :-). Currently I have .0009s on it...
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    Sparkling, chimey, twangy clean tone from a 2-hum guitar ?

    My Les Paul Std. has WCR Crossroads buckers, low output PAF clones. I turn them down to between 3 and 6 and get great clean, chime tones. Same deal with my Wolfetone Dr. Vintage buckers in my '96 PRS Artist, I don't use pedals anymore. I get ALL my tones by volume knob twisting.
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    I finally broke down and joined the PRS Club.

    Congrats! You own a quality instrument that will require little maintenance and will provide hours of inspiration.
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    PAF Humbuckers for Les Paul - What are TGP favorites?

    My favorite PAF type pickups are by WCR and Sheptone. I have The Crossroads set in my '06 Les Paul and the combo Darkburst/ Crossroads in my PRS SE Custom. Great vintage tones that clean up great. I have a set of Sheptone Dr. Vintage in My '91 PRS Artist. Super musical, almost piano-like. Cleans...
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    It's mostly in the pickups. Right?

    Pickups definitely make a difference. My '06 Les Paul Std. came stock with ( at the time) the highly reputable Burstbucker pups. I found them to be a little too "edgy". I swapped them with a WCR Crossroads set. Big difference. Instantly the 60s Brit Blues tones I love poured out of the guitar...
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    PRS SE Models Question

    I have a PRS SE Custom which I got as a backup for my "91 Artist. I swapped out the pickups to WCR Darkburst/Bridge- Crossroads/Neck. I broke a string last night at rehearsal on my Artist, swapped to the SE Custom to keep rehearsal humming along. Sounded fine. The only issue I have with the SE...
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