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    The Beatles are overrated

    The important thing is to take the OP seriously and respond to his hot take at length. The Beatles’ legacy will be protected and the OP’s mind will be changed. Everyone wins with a thread like this.
  2. BeeBaa

    The Beatles are overrated

    If you know that hearing Beatles songs will make you want to blow your brains out, does your desire to watch the documentary mean that you’re suicidal. Is this a cry for help.
  3. BeeBaa

    what are your "no go" on pedal choice??

    ^^^ Motto: “No rules, just right.”
  4. BeeBaa

    The "Boutique Vs Cheap" Pedal debate is surely dead at this point?

    Out on the road today I saw a Mooer sticker on a Cadillac. A little voice inside my head said don’t look back, you can never look back. Thought I knew what tone was—what did I know.
  5. BeeBaa

    Bigsby solidbody options…

    Good suggestion. I researched this briefly recently and the Les Trem 2 can replace any Tune-o-matic bridge and gets good reviews. I have no personal experience with it but many reviews say it’s better than a Bigsby.
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    ’80s videos: they didn’t even try, did they

    I’ve updated the database to reflect the remarkable size of the endowment. A plaster casting has been commissioned for the TGP Hall of Fame.
  7. BeeBaa

    What Is Your Favorite Beatles Album?

    The White Album. There was nothing on that fu7king cover.
  8. BeeBaa

    anyone have a positive grid spark 40?

    I didn’t like the sound quality at all—and I’m fine with crappy little amps. I sent mine back. But I’m a total outlier on this.
  9. BeeBaa

    What guitar player that people generally rave about do you not like?

    That ten-year-old kid on YouTube who plays five times better than me. It’s so annoying.
  10. BeeBaa

    I call BS on this listing

    I’m sure your friend is living happily ever after with his wife, Morgan Fairchild—whom he’s slept with.
  11. BeeBaa

    ’80s videos: they didn’t even try, did they

    Forget it, Jake—it’s TGP.
  12. BeeBaa

    ’80s videos: they didn’t even try, did they

    The ridiculous Alan Parsons video I cited was far from great, and more windbreaking than groundbreaking. Some of you are acting as if TV, movies and other modes of visual storytelling never existed till the ‘80s. It wasn’t as brand new as you’d like to think.
  13. BeeBaa

    ’80s videos: they didn’t even try, did they

    Excellent points. I dig schlocky garbage, tho. I grew up on Brady Bunch reruns, for crying out loud. That show was made without any attention to detail. It was poorly written and acted. And I loved it. Same with these crappy videos.
  14. BeeBaa

    ’80s videos: they didn’t even try, did they

    A lot of craptacular stuff here. Good work, everyone.
  15. BeeBaa

    Amp relicing... really?

    Leave your new amp in a kindergarten classroom and it’ll have more rips, puke and beer stains on it than any hard-gigged pub amp in no time.
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