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    Who plays a sunburst Gibson 3X5?

    Pretty sure Grant Green’s ES-330 was sunburst, too.
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    Who plays a sunburst Gibson 3X5?

    Adam Levy has a nice one (‘64 I think) that he plays out. Vince Gill played a sunburst 335 on the television thing he did with Sting. I think Clapton played one on the jazz-ish record with Marsalis. The Luther Dickinson sig 335 is a sunburst, as is the Bonamassa sig 335 Scofield’s is an...
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    Former Fuzz Haters: What Fuzz Changed Your Mind?

    Once I got my first plexi, fuzz faces and tonebenders suddenly made sense. Before that, I was an all BF/SF Fender, all the time kind of guy, and I really didn’t enjoy the way those fuzzes worked in that context. But strat or 335 > fuzz > big old Super Bass was smiles all around.
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    Overdrives, Distortions, Fuzzes with the most ...

    The Colorsound Overdriver and it’s subsequent copies/adaptations - everything from a clean eq to huge volume boost to very fuzzed-out drive.
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    Boss OD-3 vs BD-2W custom mode

    Since you’re using humbuckers and a BF style amp, I’d strongly recommend the OD-3 for your purposes - it tends to feel and sound more natural than the BD-2, in any mode for that sort of thing, and doesn’t fizz the way a BD-2 can.
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    The Leslie gap

    Have you tried the Leslie G27? They are discontinued, but occasionally pop up on the market.
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    What should I know before buying my first Gibson Firebird?

    Real talk? Make sure it fits in your vehicle. Some of the cases for these are quite large, more like a bass case than a guitar case - longer, wider, thicker than the usual strat/tele cases, significantly taller than an LP or 335 case. The first firebird I bought in the late 90’s did not fit...
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    Matchless HC30. Underwhelmed and suprised.

    That’s a bummer - it’s never fun to plug into an iconic amp and discover it’s not the right thing for you and your tastes. In my experience, you’ve got three options - (1) move it on to the next guy (b/c it might be perfect for him, (2) take it to the tech if you think it’s malfunctioning, or...
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    Is it dangerous to use a power supply with a vintage big muff?

    In my experience, the main thing to be sure about when using a power supply to power a vintage effect via a power input jack is polarity - there are a lot of old effects out there without effective reverse polarity protection built in (and aftermarket mods adding a jack to vintage boxes can vary...
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    Which guitar carrying case brand can endure checked in flights?

    Calton has never let me down, and have a strong reputation in this space. I know folks who trust Calton cases with high end archtops, acoustics, cellos, and other instrument I’d consider as more fragile/sensitive than the stuff I throw around. The Pelican rec is a good one as well - I...
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    Tonemaster vs the real thing

    For folks who tend to blend amps together (i.e., dual-mono), do these Fender ToneMasters maintain a similar phase angle to their vintage/tube counterparts? For example, if you put a BF Super next to a 5f6a Bassman, the way they impact the phase angle of the guitar signal as it passes through...
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    You get a Les Paul, Princeton Reverb, and 3 pedals: What do you choose?

    - Maxon CP101 optical compressor (which is a great clean boost with humbuckers) - Maxon OD-880 or OOD-9 (not 808 or 820, though the 820 would be cool, but different) - Maxon AD-900.
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    King of the Strat colors.

    I’ve always been partial to Dakota Red, but if I were going to spec one out, I’d go Marina Blue like Neil Armstrong’s Corvette, with a matching headstock and rosewood fretboard. Space age color for the space age guitar.
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    Best straps for a bad back?

    Your back is likely different from mine (everyone’s got their own thing) but when I was recovering from a back injury and related muscle weakness in my core (got hit/semi-run over by a car) the best approach I found was by using a back brace under my suit to handle the back support, and raising...
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    Any non shredders using jazz picks?

    I like them, and play a lot of soul jazz, Stax-type stuff, etc. I’ve almost entirely switched over to Jazz iii’s if I’m not just using my fingers. Still prefer a standard shaped pick for acoustic strumming.
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