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  1. bgood

    4 Way Coordination

    Not familiar with that one OP but it looks good. Some of the books already mentioned are great. The Chapin book really got me going, Latham too. Add Dave Garibaldi Future sounds to get linear stuff down which also helped me with coordination and frankly kicked my ass, and still does. If you...
  2. bgood

    What do you guys recommend for a basic drum set to do recording?

    Yamaha Stage Customs can be found easily and are cheap but decent drums. Not a ton of tuning range from my experience at least but once you dial them in with good heads they'll do the job. Good hardware too.
  3. bgood

    Drum Mic'ing - simplify for better results?

    In my limited experience on this topic I’ve learned a couple things that may have already been said but here goes. Well tuned drums are really critical to a good sound. I know that should be obvious but take time to get that right-especially if your room sucks like mine. I don't think you...
  4. bgood

    Anyone try new Yamaha e-drums- the DTX- 6K3?

    Just got the DTX Pro module from that set for my DTX562. Big step up..
  5. bgood

    Have electronic kits improved in 10yrs?

    I can't say about 10 years ago but I'm pretty happy with my Yamaha DTX562k that I've had for about 4 years. I've been using a DTX502 module and the sounds are good enough for practice, sound OK recorded in a mix and for jamming. Just yesterday I upgraded the module to the new DTX Pro Yamaha...
  6. bgood

    Tell about your earliest recording setup!!(especially, your early analog tape rig)

    This plus a Roland TR707, an ART Proverb and an AKG dynamic mic...
  7. bgood

    Allman Brothers Alumni Concert

    Really enjoyed this show. Great set list and the band was in great form. Derek was easily louder than Warren and he was cutting much better. There were what sounded to me like some weird moments in Jessica right when Chuck came in to solo but maybe just me. It was LOUD on the floor and I...
  8. bgood

    Rivera fans

    Had an R55 that I really liked but sold it in a quest for lower wattage grab and go (lighter) amps. Wish I still had it. Always got compliments when playing through that amp. Liked the Fender side much better than the Marshall. Never liked the footswitch setup though......
  9. bgood

    Amps Everyone Loves But You Don't

    Can't disagree on the 5E3 but a Telecaster usually fixes that for me. Never got on with humbuckers through it.
  10. bgood

    Is a Tascam DP24 SD a good choice?

    I use mine to track acoustic and electronic drums since it's set up near my kits. Then I take the files over to the PC for other instruments, editing and mixing. I run a 4 mic setup on my acoustic drums. OHs, snare top, kick. Some compression on the way in and some reverb and EQ. I also...
  11. bgood

    Deciding on a self-contained, multi-track recorder

    Zoom R8 might work for you. Mine has been great for recording rehearsals, use as a scratch pad to get ideas down or even demos, or as a quick USB interface when I'm not near my studio PC. Portable, battery power, sequencer built in with drums. It's an amazing machine for what it does and...
  12. bgood

    Gigging/Recording without an amp?

    The rig has an effects loop in it but I have never used it. I mostly just use some boost and OD effects and have the Deluxe set up to use the presets for clean, boost, OD. I'll take some delay from the PA. I should try it with my board in the loop but that kind of defeats the "carry less...
  13. bgood

    Gigging/Recording without an amp?

    I've been using a SansAmp Blonde Deluxe for rehearsals direct through the PA. Works pretty good but I haven't gigged it.
  14. bgood

    Thoughts on the Peavey Classic 50?

    Great amp congrats...but also a bit heavy if I recall correctly. I miss mine.
  15. bgood

    If you were to start playing all over again....

    I would have played as a lefty
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