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Recent content by Bigsby

  1. Bigsby

    Jeff Baxter - Rikki Don't Lose that Number

    He is really impressive. I hearby name this tribute band, "Steal Le Dan." I know a guy who sings in various tributes, and it's kind of amazing how he can do accurate sounding impressions of the various singers he covers. He's also an actor, so I think that training definitely comes into play.
  2. Bigsby

    Is there another female rock vocalist even close to Ann Wilson?

    Ann Wilson is amazing. The 80s corporate rock thing lost me, but I would pay big money to see the original Heart line up perform. Multiple dates if possible. My two top favorite women rock singers are Liz Fraser and Anna Mae Bullock.
  3. Bigsby

    Es 330 or Casino alternative

    I've got HB size p90s in a 1990s Epi Riviera. Sounds great, less feedback!
  4. Bigsby

    Best Guitar For Ambient

    I use my Travis Bean Artist for recording parts that need a pristine sound. It's got the roundest, bell tone of any guitar I have. I was playing it direct into my DAW the other day and didn't realize that I hadn't yet put my planned Fender amp model on it yet. It sounded amazing with absolutely...
  5. Bigsby

    Vox ac 10 limited edition??

    AC30's with 2 6L6's? Someone's trying to pull a fast one. The whole, "Our roots begin in the mid 1950’s with Skiffle" thing is pretty interesting. More evidence that anybody can write anything on the internet, at any time, for any reason, and not really mean anything real at all.
  6. Bigsby

    2nd speaker for TopHat Club Royale 2x12 - suggestions?

    I've got a Scumback S75-PVC Alnico in my ('97) Club Royale 112 which sounds perfect when I'm running the combo alone. I have a matching extension cab with a Red Fang in it, which sounds extra middy in isolation, but helps the amp cut through on a muddy stage and ends up sounding balanced in...
  7. Bigsby

    Oh no, they're going after amps now too

    Maybe it keeps the demand and prices of vintage amps down a bit. Some people want the look and ballpark sound, but they'll go for this instead of dealing with old amp maintenance.
  8. Bigsby

    Help with DAW for beginners

    I'd give tracktion a shot too. I used older versions many years ago, and it was straightforward in a similar way to garageband. Maybe start out with some "basics" video on youtube for a couple of different free options, then go with the one that makes the most sense.
  9. Bigsby

    Streaming single release...low volume

    Wow. That's a great tip. Thanks. Their stem mastering might be a good bridge into getting a more professional sounding mix.
  10. Bigsby

    Anyone ever pass/quit a band due to disagreement over "personal beliefs"?

    Hey, it ruins families, why not bands? Butting heads and ruining relationships about things that we individually have only the tiniest amount of influence over seems to be a national pastime. Actually, I know a guy who's a great musician, but is really in to the whole UFO/lizard people thing...
  11. Bigsby

    new Greta Van Fleet

    I don't think these guys are for elder rock fans who can't help but compare them to favorites from their youth. They're for people in their late teens and early 20s who like the sounds of classic rock and want some groups of their own to be excited about. I'm sure zeppelin and their ilk pissed...
  12. Bigsby

    Your first Vox like amp. Which one of these?

    Club and King!
  13. Bigsby

    The CD Collection

    I finally plugged my 200 disc changer back in after a number of years, and all of my carefully programmed artist and titles had gone away without power. Luckily, I found a (free) command line utility called cdrdao that allows me to copy each of my CDs, add CD-TEXT to the table of contents file...
  14. Bigsby

    CD Baby vs Tunecore...anyone?

    I only have direct experience with CD Baby from a 2004 release. They've been fine. This video did give me pause about Distrokid, so I'll definitely be researching more if I release anything else.