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    What is the purpose of active pickups?

    No doubt! Take a player with fantastic touch and skills, put him through a MASSIVE signal chain on large stages all over the world. There really wasn't a better solution than EMGs.
  2. bigtone23

    What is the purpose of active pickups?

    No doubt! :) I won't slam passives, either. I just wish there was more understanding for EMGs. I got into EMG singles/SPC as a cover guitarist. You don't have to change your guitar nearly as much with that set up (unless you require a dropped standard tuning, etc...). An SA/SPC Strat with a...
  3. bigtone23

    Why I went back to Simul-class on my MESA Mark III

    Oh, that full on, 4x 6L6 pentode power section on the Purple HRG was amazing. I really love it on my HRG IIA. Girth, depth, tightness. 60W mode was/is just barely a touch less powerful and a touch less girthy. I would prefer a 4 tube pentode/triode setting vs 4x6L6/2x6L6 pentode on those amps.
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    Price Check-Marshall 30th Anniversary

    That's a great cab! $1000 for sure! I used to have the white logo B cab in the later 90s. I remember selling it for $500 (when regular, black used 1960B cabs sold for $350). Looked really nice next to my Silver Jubilee B cab and 73 Orange 4x12". I still have the Orange.
  5. bigtone23

    Strat for 600$ budget

    #3 Used Fender Player-it's the benchmark of <$1K Strats #2 Used Schecter Nick Johnston. A hot rodded Player, sort of MIM Charvel-y. #1 New Sire S7 Larry Carlton. Played one the other day. It's really killer. It's kind of a more 'traditional' feeling Nick Johnston. Rolled edges on roasted maple...
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    Mother of toilet seat: Where do you stand?

    These are great!
  7. bigtone23

    Peavey Patriot USA vs. Fender American Std. P-Bass.

    Here's my modded Patriot (I call it RicRiot). Moved the jack to the side, added another SF, 3 way switch and a Hipshot Xtender on the E. Turned a great bass into an outstanding bass.
  8. bigtone23

    paul schafer has lost his mind..

    Something else touched on here: his band is top notch, first-call NYC studio players. That's exciting in and of itsself. I read that their daily show preparation was very short and not very detailed, there was quite a bit of leaning on past experience and some winging it. That's also very...
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    Do YOU Pedal Platform - Yes or No?

    The majority of the time is using other amps and the grit they generate. I do go pedal platform when rocking my Bassman Ten or Peavey Special 130, as I prefer to use a dedicated drive pedal on those. What's funny is I do it old school, all of my pedals are before the input of the amp, so...
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    If you are experimenting with DynaComps

    I have a 1980 Dyna Comp, bought it in 1990. My settings are always some version of cross-eyes with the Sens way down and Vol way up. I got lucky and someone had already installed a BOSS style barrel jack in it for DC powering. Handy! I also installed a true bypass switch in it to tame the...
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    Hard Rock Fans - Your Favorite Amps...

    83 Mesa SG MKIIC+ combo on top of Marshall 1936. 87 Mesa DRG MKIII Red Stripe head. 97 Marshall DSL50 head (with clipped leg C12 mod). This replaced a long gone '84 2203 I used to have. 98 Mesa Dual Recifier Solo Head (Rev G & EL34).
  12. bigtone23

    Is this wiring scheme possible?

    The trick is the switch on push/pull pots. You do need 3PDT to do what you want with one switch: a DPDT for series/parallel and a SPDT for splitting. The S-1 switch is a 4PDT and can do it with one press of the switch.
  13. bigtone23

    Fender Eric Clapton Blackie wiring question

    With a super 5-way, 4 wafer switch, yes.
  14. bigtone23

    understanding string gauges

    I agree, 45 60 80 105 is more balanced and even across the strings. Oh, do I ever not like 50 70 85 105 flats (like Chromes). The D& G are way too stiff relative to the A & E. When I changed out my Chromes, I bought two sets and made a hybrid, used the 45 65 80 from the lighter set and the 105...
  15. bigtone23

    paul schafer has lost his mind..

    I dunno, Paul Schafer has always been pretty animated when playing. I think it's just him and the muse at work.
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