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    My Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 experience

    I run my Fillmore 25 into a Mesa California Tweed 2x12 cabinet with the Jensen Blackbirds in it. The clean channels rival my vintage Fender amps, and I’m really happy with the dirty channels, which really came to life when I put a Klon in front of it.
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    3 strats; 3 pickup sets - what am I missing

    Try a pair of CS69s in the neck and middle with a Duncan SSL-5 in the bridge position, the result is Gilmour and beyond. If you try this set, remember to reverse the leads on the SSL-5 to match the polarity of the CS69s.
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    Which Pedals do you get the second one just in case?

    Timmy V1, V2, & V3 Klon Centaur Klon KTR TS-808 Hotcake Diamond Memory Lane 2 MXR Phase 90 Skreddy Lunar Module
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    Which bridge humbucker for a one-pickup guitar?

    An SD Custom with an A8 magnet swap.
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    What are your favourite Tele mods?

    A 4-way switch and compensated saddles.
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    Please convince me NOT to buy a Fender Player Stratocaster

    Buy a Telecaster instead ;)
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    Bought a Mesa Fillmore 25 - what cab?

    I run my Fillmore 25 through a Mesa California Tweed 2x12 cabinet with the Jensen Blackbirds in it, great combo!
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    2022 TGP Favorite Delay Pedals

    Diamond - Memory Lane ll Diamond - Memory Lane jr Empress - Vintage Modified Superdelay Strymon - El Capistan Strymon - Timeline Boss - DM-2W Eventide - Timefactor T-Rex - Replica
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    Closest vintage PAF for a Les Paul?

    Duncan - Antiquities and Seth Lovers
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