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    Small Speaker for modeler?

    Larry Mitchell uses these awesome little Bose, I think they are, BT the video he did where he showed them, he was in his hotel room warming up for a gig and they sounded way better than they should have..
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    Ozzy's "Over the Mountain" Live Axe-Fx III

    so SOOOO friggin' good bro!
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    Talk me out of selling my AX8..

    if i find a way to get you that amp and pedal, will you trade? I would be MEGA happy with having another AX8..I wish I had been able to keep it..
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    “Goodbye To Romance” Live

    Yet another AWESOME performance my friend!!
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    Sold Axefx III with FC12

    ha fdigured out how to delete stuff too!!!
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    Sold Axefx III with FC12

    i am too stupid to figure out how to empty my inbox..! I cannot believe I cannot delete my messages to clear up some space! Do you have to sell as a set? I am just playing in the bedroom and don't really need the FC sir..
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    Sold Axefx III with FC12

    OMG, do I have to buy another Axe FX and pedal from you brother? Good grief.. let me see if i still have your phone number
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    Sold Fractal Axefx III & Fc-12

    omg dude!!! why do you do this when it will make me weeks to get my taxes to pay you!
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    Positive Grid Spark Oh Yeah.

    this is my favorite SPARK YT vid..
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    HX Stomp is awesome!!

    thanks brother. been like dominos falling, just one thing after another.. trying to get something to make a little noise with, get my mind right.. Places like ZZounds with the payment option is gonna be my only chance, and would like something "comparable" to the "big names"..ya know?
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    HX Stomp is awesome!!

    things are just starting to be better for me and my family, and I Was hoping to find something small and "cheap" that really gets good sounds. The best thing I ever owned was an AX8 over all, with the original Amplifire a close 2nd, for me anyway. Does this stomp really belong in this...
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    Axe-Fest East – Boston Amp Show - April 27-28

    Boston is one of my favorite places up in Yankee-ville! Everyone I have met seemed really great and there is lots of history and have made a few friends! They were even nice about my "southern drawl"..! hahahaha Kutch, maybe you can simply remember the old addage.."if you don't have...
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    Johnson J Station

    no sir..i have 2 j-stations and if you can believe it, i found a NIB, never sold, still in a sealed box, j8 foot controller!!! Works so well and I get some super edge of breakups and clean/chorus-y tones that sound better to me than any patch I have found or created on any other modeller! I...
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    Update: just RECEIVED an AmpliFIRE 6!

    Clint, can I try it too sir?
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