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    Shopping for Mesa: Mark III or V 35?

    I recently got a mark III red stripe head off Craigslist. It’s turning out to be my favorite amp! Get the III and you’ll never look back!!
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    Sold Wylde Audio Barbarian guitar

    It’s made from genuine organic steroid fed wood!
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    Sold Wylde Audio Barbarian guitar

    Mint condition Wylde Audio Barbarian guitar made by Schecter. Mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fingerboard. EMG 85/81 pickups. Huge baseball bat neck. Get your Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society and Zakk Sabbath tones! Comes with Wylde Audio case. The guitar is in new condition but the case has...
  4. Wylde


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    FS Fortin 1987X, Fortin JVM410DM

    I would love to hear what this amp sounds like. Do you have any clips or videos?
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    1963 Strat, $13k ?

    I have a beat to hell 63 strat too. If everything checks out, then that's a very fair price for that beauty! I bet it sounds glorious! Someone played the hell out of it!!
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    Facebook Marketplace for guitar sales

    I hate facebook and social media in general. I will never get an account. But I have used my wife's account and found some good deals on a few items in the marketplace.
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    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    Based on how great this amp is, I expect the waiting list to get a lot longer very soon.
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    Fedex delivered an empty box to me today

    yes, it was insured for the appropriate amount. FedEx won’t give us an answer as to if or when they will pay the insurance claim. I’m not sure how this is even legal for them to do. We clearly have tracking info saying they have the package in their possession before it disappeared...