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    FS 2008 PRS SC245 w/Killer 10 Top

    Looks great! GLWTS
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    Incoming.....G&L content

    Sparkle & binding! Congrats & play in good health!
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    Cavalier tele pickups , Which bridge ?

    I've got 51/52 Lion in the bridge of my latest Telepartscaster. It's paired up with a Lion King neck. Great pickups, never used his pups before, really like them! Don't think you'll go wrong with whatever you choose. IMO, the 51/52 would be a great match for you.
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    jason and the scorchers

    Got to see them live when they toured for "A Blazing Grace" album. They're definitely unsung in my book.
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    The Blasters

    Count me in!
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    Cθ₩PμNK Revisted

    More Yahoos!
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    Cθ₩PμNK Revisted

    Anybody listen to these guy's?
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    Cθ₩PμNK Revisted

    This thread delivers! Right on, so many great bands mentioned already!
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    Wampler Belle Overdrive

    Oh yeah, forgot to add playing the Belle through a blackface Deluxe.
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    Wampler Belle Overdrive

    I got the Belle, buuuut I have the GTO on loan to a friend & need to get it back lol. I dig the Belle, been using it with a Tele so far. Seems a little more tweakable with the addition of the clipping switch. I dig the Belle for sure, the clipping button is a nice addition, at least imho. Been...
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    Big Night At The Museum

    It was on YouTube. Hopefully they'll leave it up. It's just ending now.
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    Big Night At The Museum

    Yep got it tuned in. It's been a great show so far!
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    RIP Lou Pallo (Les Paul Trio and more)

    I remember seeing Les Paul play on I believe Conan O'brien. I was mesmerized by Lou's rhythm playing just as much as Les' playing
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    This ^%*% year can stop anytime: RIP Billy Joe Shaver

    I Iove the stuff with Eddy, but man this song is just great. Whole album is good.