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    Fuzz versus Overdrive

    I love Fuzz effects and totally agree with the owner who only uses a Fuzz Factory. I do have an Analogman modd'd TS-9DX on my board but I've noticed that with creative Volume knob tweaking the FF covers all of my needs and I may/will be putting the OD on the shelf of for sale block.
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    Your favorite pedal? WHY do you like it over the many others out there?

    I'd go with my Fuzz Factory. Its a very versitile box that can cover a wide range of tones. Plus, when you master the learning curve the skies is the limit with it.
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    ultimate fuzz for clapton/johnson tones...?

    Fulltone '70 for Johnson. Hell, I think it was based on his old Blue Fuzz Face anyway. Analogman NKT275 SunFace for Clapton's Cream tones.
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    Red Witch Fuzz God II or Zvex Fuzz Factory?

    My Fuzz Factory is my one, and only Fuzz box. Its very, very versitile and can cover almost any Fuzz tone I can imagine, especially when combined with a darkened EQ. Since, I put it on my board I've unloaded the following Fuzzes: Analogman Peppermint Fuzz Custom modd'd EHX Big Muff Pi...
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    What "New" pedal are you waiting for??

    I'm really wanting to try out a ZVex Wooly Mammoth.
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    First time fuzz buyer,throw a few at me

    FoxRox Hot Silicon Fulltone '70 Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face (the new green one) EHX Big Muff? EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Analogman SunFace (with Silicon) Analogman NKT275 Analogman Peppermint Fuzz Fulltone '69 Fulltone SoulBender ZVex Fuzz Factory (a lot of crazy tones but some more...
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    List of all silicon fuzz pedals

    EHX Big Muff Fulltone '70 FozRox Hot Silicon Monsterpiece Euthymia Hartman Dunlop JImi Hendrix Fuzz Face EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Analogman Skreddy
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    Where to place the Soul Bender?

    First in the chain and you might also want to adjust the trimmer inside to darken it up.
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    Show your ZVEX boards!!!

    I use a Fuzz Factory on my board but can't afford any more than that.
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    Zvex's awkward pedals

    Never been a problem for me and it never will be since I'm now running the FF in a looper with an EQ.
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    In A Gadda Da Vida....

    You could also check out the AshBass FuzzBrite. Supposed to be an accurate clone of the original Mosrites.
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    Vintage Big Muff's

    +1 to getting a RonSound HairPie, or better yet, have him mod your USA RI for $45!
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    Show Us How You Chain Your Effects Together

    Current set-up: Fender Strat with Maple neck & 70's peg...modd'd with Red/Blue/Silver Lace Sensors ZVex Fuzz Factory >> DOD FX40EQ (set to darken FF) >> Ibanez TS-9DX (modd'd by Analogman) >> Boss PH-1r >> MXR Carbon Copy (set for warm Gilmour kinda leads) >> Line 6 Echo Park (other my other...