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    What that hell happened to Fender ?

    Yeah, that's cool, I haven't tried a Pro II but I think they look great. There is a distinct guitar shortage in the UK at the moment; sucks.......
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    What that hell happened to Fender ?

    I would rather have a push / push, its much easier to use and no one can see the gap except the player. Not that anyone would care anyway. We all have different priorities but I can't see why it's an issue?
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    Amp turning off then on

    Sounds very similar to a known issue with early Boogie MKV amps which was apparently caused by failing or under-rated diodes; I'm sorry I can't be more specific. It doesn't sound like tubes to me but that would still be the first thing I would want to rule out. However, if I knew a good tech I...
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    What that hell happened to Fender ?

    That knob is a push / push, I have one on a wired pick guard I have. Unfortunately they have to have that gap in order to work because in order to have it pop up it has to be pushed down first.. Just for info re the 'swamp ash', there isn't a swamp ash body offered on the Professional series...
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    Strat Tone Knob Configuration

    I wire my strats so the bridge has its own tone control. My tele has the tone wired to the bridge only as well. It works for me; have yours how you want. I am not pretending to be an authority on anything.
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    WOW!! Gotoh In Tune Tele Saddles!!

    I put seymour duncan quarter pounders in my tele to give it a bit of oomph and found it quite dark; the titanium Gotohs livened it up; it previously had the brass ones fitted.
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    Greatest Rock Band To Walk The Earth and why.

    I'd pick Led Zeppelin even though they're not my favourite band. They had the whole package in terms of great musicianship, coupled with the image and great material. I think Queen are contenders, maybe but for their foray into the realms of more pop based stuff. Deep Purple MKII were great too...
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    Guitar Thief in Action (Marietta/Atlanta GA)

    Exact same experience with DPD, who are in my experience by far the best delivery company, as opposed to UPS who left my FM3 by my front door, which opens directly onto the street. Luckily my next door neighbour grabbed it before it was stolen. UPS have a habit of delivering a day early which is...
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Tony has an agenda when it comes to Fractal Audio. Lots of shenanigans with him registering Fractal as a domain name and trying to get Fractal to buy it off him or some such malarky. His reviews often concentrate on irrelevant stuff, IMO, and are often misinformed. Like he kept going on and on...
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    New Higher End Floor Modeler Coming from Fractal?

    I sometimes feel sorry for the guys selling preset packs, the frequent updates must be a source of frustration there.
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    New Higher End Floor Modeler Coming from Fractal?

    That's the price of progress unfortunately. I have to say however that most updates change the sound in a subtle way and it is rarely an issue. I've been using Fractal gear for quite a quite a few years now and I can only remember one update that I thought changed my sound in a bad way (which...
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    FM3 Second Time Around Thoughts (vs Helix)

    I have mine set up so when it boots up it is in preset view, i.e. the three switches select preset say 1, 2 and 3. I can bank up by pressing and holding the right switch and bank down by pressing and holding the left switch. Now when I select a preset the switches automatically become scene...
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    Silver Sky - first impressions

    I agree with everything you're saying, but the picture of the OPs neck does not look like a properly glued joint. it has a gap, a crevice, a fissure, some may say it is not unadjacent to a crevasse and looks horrible. A good scarf joint should not look like that.
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    Silver Sky - first impressions

    You'll always see it because of the wood grain, but the OPs looks terrible; yours looks properly done and wouldn't concern me at all.
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    Silver Sky - first impressions

    I think PRS would be embarrassed by that scarf joint; I find it hard to believe that is normal. I would return it.