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    Fender Bassman fake?

    It is probably not a fake, like the poster above said Master volumes were common on silverfaces 72 and later. They are not valuable enough to fake.
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    Who still gigs with a 4x12?

    Maybe metal from 1981. You cannot do any modern day metal with a 1x12 in a live setting. Triggered drums with subs, massive Bass stacks. Not gonna happen. I wish, would make my life easier.
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    What is your best Tone Monster guitar that stands out from the others?

    Hamer 1979 Sunburst for Rythym in studio 1985 Guild Liberator for leads in studio ESP Custom Shop for live work.
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    This Board is Costing Me $$

    I bought some V-Picks, that is about all the influence so far.
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    Really? $6000 for an amp?

    It's more cloney than the others.
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    Who still gigs with a 4x12?

    Ha, yea they would have loved that.
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    TGP: Metal Head Club

    Try some Folk Metal
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    Really? $6000 for an amp?

    We played them, and have come to our reasonable conclusions. You said a 500.00 Ceriatone was as good as a Landgraff, but you have never played one. No one ever said Two Rocks were bad amps, just mostly hype of a copy of a legendary amp. Clones. :AOK Fixed:
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    TGP: Metal Head Club

    Extol Hands down my favorite metal band ever. Burial and Undeceived are masterpieces.
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    Why own 2 of the same guitar?

    If you play out on a professional level, you want a good backup. I tour with at least 4 guitars. 2 of each kind. More if it is extended.
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    Who still gigs with a 4x12?

    Metal cannot be done with a 1x12 combo in a live setting for sure.
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    Worst pedal ever?

    Danelectro Sitar Swami. Sounded like a Sitar mixed with the sound of a clubbed baby seal.
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    Who still gigs with a 4x12?

    Were you playing a Jazz club? 18 watter into a 4x12 too loud? I play 2 4x12 cabs in stereo with a VHT 2150 power amp. In use 2 ported 2x12 in stereo for smaller gigs. I prefer the 4x12.
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    Help Choosing a Wah Pedal

    RMC by Geoffrey Teese makes great wahs, and you can pick them up used for a good deal. He has several types for any style of music. I have a Wizard wah I use for high gain applications. Works well.