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    I think now is the best time to be a guitar player with all of the options we have available to us. I remember when I started playing in 66 that the cost of a Fender or Gibson was beyond my reach. Back in the 60's we didn't have the number of used guitars that float around now. Yes, I agree...
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    New Paint job - Shop v.s. DIY

    $270 isn't bad for a refinish. By purchasing an "airbrush" and some paint does not guarantee that it will come out like the factory painted it. I've seen many of guitars come through my shop that were painted by hand and most didn't turn out that well (drips, orange peel, overspray, etc.)...
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    Any reason not to buy this partscaster Jaguar on Reverb?

    I don’t think it’s a bad price. I think if was priced $650 - $700 would be better or if it’s me with a case. Nice looking guitar.
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    My girlfriend likes to draw/paint on Guitars.

    Love the Gretsch
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    Jaguar Pickguard preference?

    Hard decision
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    The Double Bound Tele Thread

    My CS
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    What do you think of Jaguars?

    One other thing...I really enjoy your videos Keith.
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    What do you think of Jaguars?

    When I was starting to play in the early 60s the Jaguars were the guitar everyone wanted, but couldn’t afford. Years later I didn’t care for them but recently picked a Squier Vintage Modified and it’s been fun to play. Of course, I shimmed the neck and replaced the 1 Meg pots on the lead...
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    Jaguar Pickguard preference?

    I recently purchased a Squier Jazzmaster and was deciding what Pickguard looks better? Tortoise shell for the classic look or white/mint for that Marr look.
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    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    For me I would add Chet Atkins.
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    Boss BE-5M Multi-Effects - did you have one (or still do?)

    I had one and used for years playing live along with the loop feature that enabled me to use some a few ODs. The issue that these units had was the foot switches went bad but were easy to fix.
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    NGD: 2008 Les Paul Standard Faded

    I had one years ago and I regret for letting it go. Great guitars!
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    ES-335 style guitars....

    I like them all and here is mine:

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