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    Tenor guitars-anyone have/use one?

    I've done a couple of threads on vintage Gibson tenor guitars over at the Les Paul Forum, simply because I've run across a zillion cool old ones (e.g., Byrdlands, ES-330s, LP Specials, SG Specials, etc etc etc). Unfortunately, most the links are now dead...
  2. Blauserk

    WTB 1950's Gretsch Duo Jet

    Olivia's Vintage has one of the cleanest Silver Jets I've ever seen. But clean + silver commands a premium See more here: https://oliviasvintageguitars.com/other/guitars/7148/
  3. Blauserk

    Who here has spent $10k on a single guitar?

    That's a beautiful guitar with unusual figuring in the Korina, but all gibson "futuristic" guitars are $10k if memory serves. Consider getting a "Banker" brand Explorer--they're more like $5k and by all accounts very well made. (Or for that matter, an old Korina Hamer--although the prices of...
  4. Blauserk

    WTB 1950's Gretsch Duo Jet

    Gary's Classic Guitars has ~4 1953-1957 Duo Jets, including this clean example. But personally, I'd buy the great-sounding '53 at Wildwood Guitars, warts and all. There's a demo video of Greg Koch playing it at the WIldwood website. https://www.garysguitars.com/catalog/1956-gretsch-duo-jet-4
  5. Blauserk

    Any Gretsch experts here?

    In addition to the Setzer SSLVOs, take a look at the various Anniversary LTVs (for Lacquer and TV Jones pickups). They have many of the appointments of the Setzers but can be had for a bit less without the neck binding. See below for one example, although this one seems a bit like a 3-legged...
  6. Blauserk

    Vintage Rickenbackers ... the rarest of the rare

    I googled the 370F and it was likewise a revelation for me. The idea of a singlecut Rickenbacker, let alone one that is jazzbox-sized, is brain-melting for me, but I'm really a Rickenbacker ignoramus. My idea of rare is one of the Ricks from the 1950s.
  7. Blauserk

    Possibly looking for a vintage Tele or LP Jr.

    This thread is classic Gear Page (and classic Internet). Guy asks for help determining originality of a vintage instrument and thread has now devolved into whether vintage guitars bought now will appreciate. Another vote for buying from reputable dealers until you've developed more expertise...
  8. Blauserk

    Vintage Rickenbackers ... the rarest of the rare

    This Rickenbacker is so rare as to almost be a curiosity. Their "full bodied" (almost 17" across the hips and 2 3/8" deep) Capri 360-F. One of ~68 ever produced (40 in mapleglow). Available with original friggin' sales receipt (or at least a sales receipt; it doesn't specify model). But...
  9. Blauserk

    I love old Gretsch Duo Jets

    As Greg says, those old DeArmonds are so glassy ... and yet also have so much beef! Here's my old '58. I suspect it may have been an earlier year that was renecked in 1958, which was entering the Filtertron era. Note the weird double serial number label. I always wanted to steam off that top...
  10. Blauserk

    I love old Gretsch Duo Jets

    Wildwood has a '54 "Scripty." I love both DeArmonds and Filtertrons, but DeArmonds are less well known and appreciated. I had a '58 with DeArmonds that was just demonically possessed it sounded so good. This '54 sorely tempts me, but I need another guitar slightly less than I need a hole in...
  11. Blauserk

    Ronnie Wood's 1978 Live Tone

    Note, though, that in the photo above, even for Keith, the Boogie isn't miked. Only the Ampeg cabinets are miked. Did the Boogie have a line out where they might have been running the Boogie into the Ampeg cabinet?
  12. Blauserk

    NAD - early '70s NMV Ampeg V4

    I have a same-year V-2 (with rare NOS 7027s!) and share your enthusiasm for this era of Ampegs and the fullness of the tone on the V-series even on a relatively low volume. Turned up to 3 or 4 sounds like God but literally shakes the foundations of my house. I ordinarily play on about 2½. I...
  13. Blauserk

    Hoffee vs Calton Electric Guitar Cases

    I currently have both Hoffee and Calton cases, albeit for acoustic instruments, not electric. Disagree with previous poster: Hoffee is much, much lighter for a given size. My Calton is great, but the thing is an anchor. I suspect that for electric guitar cases, the weight difference would be...
  14. Blauserk

    Rumble Seat Music, Retrofret Vintage Guitars

    I've had good luck with Retrofret. They do a pretty good job of detecting and disclosing issues with vintage guitars. Also, good luck with Gruhn; they don't necessarily list on their website all the work that is done, but if you call, they'll give you chapter and verse on every issue on the...
  15. Blauserk

    Ronnie Wood's 1978 Live Tone

    Those sure look like Ampegs, from those dead-giveaway rocker switches to, well, the nameplates. The switch layout and 7 knobs look like SVTs. Those are impossibly loud. Hell, V-2s are damned loud. But if you're looking to get that tone at a volume that won't sterilize cattle a half-mile...
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