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    Is there anyone here who thinks guitars should never be modified?

    +1 I won't say I think guitars should never be modified, but I notice that a lot too. People will buy a guitar on-line, and even before they've got a chance to play the thing, they're buying new tuners and pups for it. The mindset, especially noticeable in any guitar forum I've ever been in, is...
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    Crazy guitar for sale ad

    I am also one of those who doesn't like the "make an offer" ads. Give me some idea of what you want for it so I know if what I'm willing to pay is even in the ballpark. But if that's the way someone wants to advertise something, that's their business, I just don't respond to ads like that. But...
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    Haven't touched my guitar in MONTHS (long post)

    +1 I've gone through phases where it's started to seem too much like a battle and I'm not satisfied with anything I'm playing, then I know it's time to just set it aside. Sometimes, it's just a question of becoming more interested in focusing more on one of my other too many interests and...
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    Problem w/ guitar repair - advice needed

    It seems I've read in different forums about people doing that. Have you paid him already for the work he was supposed to do?
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    Problem w/ guitar repair - advice needed

    Filing a complaint with the BBB is actually almost worthless. They don't take any action - they file your complaint and it's on record with them so if anyone is thinking of doing business with a company, they can check with the BBB to see if they've had any complaints filed in the past. But how...
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    too much gear...too many tones.....what to do?

    Same for me, I had too much stuff, it did become a distraction. It was fun getting and having a bunch of guitars, but just deciding which one I felt like playing felt like a distraction. Then there's the extra "toys". the assortment of pedals, which I didn't have much of anyway, and stuff like...
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    agile guitars

    For me, that is the definition of a high end guitar. If it does all of that, what else do you need? A big name on the headstock? But yeah, like others have said, a search will bring up a ton of stuff. I've had three and bought one for my son, still have two of them. Only sold the one because...
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    Ebay: if you're not shipping internationally you're losing out

    That's 100% what it is for me why I won't ship internationally.
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    Do you still wear your wedding ring when playing the guitar?

    Back when I was married, I used to take it off because I worried about it scratching the guitar. Sometimes I would forget to take it off, or didn't want to bother because I was just going to do some quick playing, and it never gave me a problem, so mostly I was taking it off just because I was...
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    Tell some of your WORST on-line guitar purchase horror stories .....

    Guess I've been lucky, bought most of the too many guitars I've had, on-line, and not had any real horror stories. The worst was having bought a guitar on ebay, and it wasn't getting shipped, and I wasn't getting a response from the seller. I filed a dispute with PayPal and low and behold, I had...
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    concensus on agile guitars

    I had one of those, it was a very nice guitar, but I decided I just don't like a goldtop finish, but loved the guitar otherwise. I bought my son a sunburst al2000, also a sweet guitar. I still have an Agile AD-201 and an Agile tele, which when thinning out some guitars, I chose to keep over the...
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    Is Anybody Buying(Guitars,etc.) These Days?

    I've noticed most non-CONUS buyers are realistic about the extra shipping costs and are willing to pay the extra shipping, but for me, I won't do it because of the worry. I pack a guitar to the max, haven't "lost" one in shipping yet, but I still worry the whole time if one goes across country...
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    Show us your family! (your guitar family)

    This has gotten so much easier since my big thin-out. Here's what's now;
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    So many guitars, so few controls

    The same goes for me on that. I like LP style guitars, but don't like the controls. I finally found one that just had three knobs in a line with the pup switch down by the knobs, and it's been the only one I've kept. Of course I obviously prefer simpler anyway since teles are my favorite.
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    American Musical Supply?

    Another happy customer here, I've bought from them and been pleased with their service.
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