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    NAD - Blackstar Artist 15!

    Yeah, I think Blackstars must have done weird marketing because nobody I know really knows about them. Also, they made their main ht series seemingly geared toward the metal crowd when I think with a couple of minor changes they would have pulled in a lot of blues and classic rock players. I...
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    Blackstar HT50 MKI

    Not sure If this will help but I’m going to try swapping a 12ay7 for the 12ax7 for the 2nd channel for my ht 40 mkii. It’s a lower gain tube so should lower the gain,
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    So what do y'all think about the Dave Mustaine Gibsons?

    I think it’s cool- something different. I’m glad it’s not yet another 50s style sunburst Les Paul.
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    Suhr amp for Knopfler tones?

    I’d get something with big tubes and a good master volume. Crank the amp up (even with the master) and back the guitar volume down to 3 or 4. Then when you need to (like sustaining notes or dramatic passages) bring the volume on your guitar up a couple of notches. Because the amp is cooking...
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    Are recording studios even relevant anymore?

    To me it’s all about getting a good drum sound. The only way I know how to do that is in a really good sounding room with high end drums that are tuned well and an engineer who’s used to recording there, knows the gear etc. So I think it’s worth it to get to a real studio that has its own drum...
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    Cheap Amps That Sound Good

    Blackstar has been my biggest surprise. For some reason I put them into the “Marshall amp but lamer” category. i think the problem is that they have bad stock speakers for blues/classic rock so most people play them and they aren’t that great. But if you put in a decent speaker they really...
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    Opinions on Blackstar HT20R Combo?

    I have the 40 watt combo which I think is similar, It was like a C+ amp with the original speaker (cel seventy 80). I put in a vintage 30, now it sounds really great. Super fun to play. Yes it can do metal- the second channel has two modes, one is modern, plenty of gain. i think I heard the...
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    New Lyle Workman music!

    Man, I could watch Abe Laboriel jr. drum all day long...
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    Lower efficiency Celestion Vintage 30 (or heavy magnet Celestion/Eminence etc.)

    I like the vintage 30 I have in a combo but looking for a less efficient speaker so that is quieter. I like heavy magnet celestion speakers, also open to Eminence, WGS or whatever. I know greenbacks are less efficient but I'm more into H magnets. Any ideas? Would the eminence governor be...
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    Is amp distortion overrated ?

    Power amp tube distortion is overrated but preamp tube distortion is great. If I was playing stadiums my answer might be different. I’m not a fan of attenuators either- master volume works better for me. Plus it’s one less thing I have to remember/haul to the gig. Also master volume/gain...
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    Makin' a Deluxe Reverb Badass

    Bring it to a tech to do all necessary maintenance. Replace speaker with a heavy magnet Celestion style speaker (look on Craigslist, doesn’t have to be a Celestion). Turn down the treble and bass, turn up the volume as high as you can take. Maybe use the normal channel. Add a simple pedal...
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    Overdrives for Vibrolux

    Fulldrive II, Distortion +, or a clean boost as an “always on.”
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    When an amp you want is listed on Craigslist but it’s priced too high and seller is “firm”

    I didn't give a lot of details because if the seller is on thegearpage I don't want to put them on the spot. I'm also genuinely interested in others opinions (especially people that buy and sell a lot on craigslist) so I don't want to name the amp and then people get into exactly what they...
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    When an amp you want is listed on Craigslist but it’s priced too high and seller is “firm”

    Aargh! An amp I want was just listed on Craigslist but the seller has priced it too high (IMO). The seller also notes in his ad that the price is “firm” which I have to respect so I didn’t send him a message. I would have offered him $75 less than his listing price so not a huge way off. At...
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    New Fender 68 Pro Reverb....

    Meh. I have owned played plenty of vintage fenders and boutique versions. One of the best “inspired by” amps was a Tophat Ambassador. 2-6l6s, 50 watts and a wonderful master volume. If I want a vintage style amp I’ll get a current Fender, black panel version. I look to the 68 silver series...