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  1. Bobby Smith

    Torn over what I should do about my '72 Marshall Lead 50 Watt (#1987).

    Can you post some pictures? Gut pictures? I think I read you said transformers were replaced?
  2. Bobby Smith

    What's with JJ tubes?

    I agree. If you're going to use JJ's, buy them from Bob at Eurotubes.
  3. Bobby Smith

    Unresponsive Amp Builders..

    I agree they should at least respond to let you know whether or not they could take on the project. I did email you back :). This is a amp I've been thinking about building for a while but might take a little time in R&D to get it sounding the way I'd like to sound. How soon are you wanting...
  4. Bobby Smith

    Hiwatt problem

    You say it's blowing the fuse. which fuse? Mains or HT? Does the amp have its original Filter Caps? Pull the power tubes and then power it on. with the power tubes out does it blow a fuse then?
  5. Bobby Smith

    Help troubleshooting a dead egnater tweaker?

    If the amp powers on but no sound after standby is switched on, then check your HT fuse. Usually if there is an issue with the power supply the amp won't power on at all or will pop the Mains fuse. It is also possible both power tubes went south. Do you have extra tubes to swap in? If you're...
  6. Bobby Smith

    Bias my amp?

    This a great Bias Calculator. https://www.amplifiedparts.com/tech-articles/tube-amplifier-bias-calculator
  7. Bobby Smith

    Celestion 25 watt Greenback VS Celestion 65 watt Creamback.

    Sorry for not answering this, I am not at Grosh anymore.
  8. Bobby Smith

    100 Watt Marshall sounds better after removing two power tubes, but why?

    Yes if impedance is mismatched you will eventually damage the Output Transformer and or Power tubes. You get fly back voltage back to the amp.
  9. Bobby Smith

    Do you have boutique pickups in your boutique guitars? I certainly do, such as...

    Pariah Pickups, Rocket Pickups, and Seymour Duncan Custom Shop.
  10. Bobby Smith

    What did I fry? Effects loop send into amp's input :(

    I agree, sending the pre amp back into itself probably would not have done any damage. A good tech will find the issue pretty quickly using a scope and injecting a signal. It's probably just a bad tube.
  11. Bobby Smith

    Refret job in Denver CO?

    I am in Longmont north of Denver. email me at bobby@rjsamplifiation.com
  12. Bobby Smith

    Refret job in Denver CO?

    Thanks Man!
  13. Bobby Smith

    Another new archtop model from Collings...

    Top notch well made guitars for sure.
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