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  1. boblazz

    lovepedal blk friday email link

    thanks for the info!
  2. boblazz

    lovepedal blk friday email link

    anybody tried this link for the lovepedal black friday deal? my e-mail warns me when i click on the link it goes to click.aweber...wondering if its safe.
  3. boblazz

    fuchs fullhouse 50

    thinking about all new tubes in full house 50. if you own one, what tubes have you used for replacements?
  4. boblazz

    Most Depressing Jazz Guitar Jam Ever?

    tough crowd...
  5. boblazz

    rodney jones hip lines audio examples

    anybody? i know theres some killer players on here that could tear this up... heres line #4 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjyVgHZlYutNgcQJINE4xHZ5mcJLeA?e=zseBCc
  6. boblazz

    rodney jones hip lines audio examples

    so i caught that thread on the rodney jones instructional book and purchased it. i am not a jazz guy so its always good for me to hear these lines in audio form. i bought a joe diorio book years ago (intervallic designs) lost it over the years and recently re purchased it with audio examples...
  7. boblazz

    Cartoon-y/old jazzy progressions

    try some raymond scott. "In 1943, Scott sold his music publishing to Warner Bros., who allowed carl stalling music director for Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies to adapt anything in the Warner music catalog. ." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raymond_Scott. heres my favorite ,one of his famous...
  8. boblazz

    Solar (jazz) - post your take

    nice! i think i heard some joe diorio line at about 1:04 in..
  9. boblazz

    steely dan FM cover

    sorry, missed these words. thanks guys!
  10. boblazz

    fusion monster

    chuck daloia fast food clip for some sunday night goodness
  11. boblazz

    Relaxing Bossa Nova on a Telecaster - Triste - Fingerstyle Jazz Arrangement

    beautiful playing. to your p.s....to me there is no answer to that. amp simulation has come a long way. i tend to treat each song differently (amp or software) . they both have their place for me. your recording sounds clean and warm with some nice dynamics.
  12. boblazz

    steely dan FM cover

    thanks greg! thanks! i appreciate these comments..so many great dan tunes to play, so little time..
  13. boblazz

    Actual Proof / Fusion

    as usual , nice playing greg! always good to hear your sound.
  14. boblazz

    Actual Proof / Fusion

    hal lenard has a few cool backing tracks. check their site out. heres a fusion set of cool backers https://www.halleonard.com/product/121902/jazzfunk also try bobbys backing tracks..or coffee break grooves to name a few.
  15. boblazz

    steely dan FM cover

    thanks ! yea great song. we had a lot of fun with some steeely dan tunes then. for a project we did the whole aja album. also some donald fagen stuff from "the nightfly".
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