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    59’ Bassman RI speakers... Weber vs Blue Frame

    Need advice, Looking at 2 Bassman RI’s for sale locally One has what I think are the stock blue frame speakers (made by Eminence?) The other loaded with Weber sig 10s’ Which would you get and why? I would prefer the later breakup of the sig10s over the regular sig10. Fyi, I have a Weber...
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    Low Profile Stratocaster Switch

    Does anyone make a low profile stratocaster switch? One that would sit lower to the pick guard?
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    County Guitar Pickers what amp and pedal you using

    The new 68 silver face Princeton is the way to go. Country tones for days, just a tele straight in. Don't question it, just go get one!
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    Miles Davis Live at the Isle of Wight Festival - 8/29/70

    What a band! Dave Holland is the man, saw him live with his group a while back.
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    Best "overlooked" Rolling Stone's song

    Yes!!! Voodoo Lounge has many, I go wild, Out of Tears, Baby Break it Down and Thru and Thru Big overlooked one from Steel Wheels… Almost Hear You Sigh
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    Ray....possibly the most beautiful song ever...

    Funny, I was just watching clips of him on Letterman before opening up this thread. While I'm still not completely sold on his voice, the songs and especially the arrangements are just killer. All the slide playing on his tracks are off the charts.
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    Best live Bob Marley

    Live at the Roxy is amazing, the new one Easy Skankin in Boston is nice too.
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    Favorite Grateful Dead Live Recording

    I'm loving the "Going to Terrapin" live recording from '77 right now.Otherwise, Europe '72 is up there for me.
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    New Father John Misty album 'I Love You, Honeybear'

    Listening now, really enjoying it. I wrote this guy off when he first came out but this new album is a nice listen. Sounds good through headphones.
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    What is THE tone?

    tweed deluxe is where the tone lives
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    Is Guthrie Trapp a GP participant?

    Great Video!!!
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    Coming clean: I'm a Strat guy now??

    Ya gotta have a good Stratocaster in the arsenal.
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    NGD - ES-330 in Ebony

    Es-330 is at the top of my Must-Have-One-Day guitars. Played a real '59 once, dear god. That demo is nuts! He is playing his ass off towards the end.
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    Dear Nocaster,

    Similar.. no COA…who cares though? Even if it was a fake…it would be the best sounding fake i've ever heard
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