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    Top Hollow/SemiHollowbody options < $600

    I LOVE my AF105 (mine has the neck floater, whichever model suffix that one is...), as much even as my Heritage H535 (335-style), which costs $1000 more. it's beautiful, it sounds wonderful, and it plays as well as anything I've ever put my mitts on. :) I put another, thicker sounding pickup on...
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    12-string question..am I crazy/stupid?

    thanks everyone! I feel almost ready to begin my small, but perfectly formed, assault on the world of double-courses. ;) there are so many habits I can't indulge when picking the doubles, but the sound can be wonderful. anyway, it's sometimes good for a dog to learn new tricks... even when...
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    12-string question..am I crazy/stupid?

    thanks for the input folks! I might see if I can use double courses for the E/B/G that are identical (plain G), and single strings for the D/A/E. yeah, I definitely will be very careful about keeping an ideal neck tension, erring if anything on the low side. very helpful, btw, is the fact that...
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    12-string question..am I crazy/stupid?

    hey guys and gals, I just picked up a cheap old Yamaha 12-string to experiment with for recordings. so far, I'm liking it a lot, and think the voicing is complementing the flatwound semi-hollow/hollow electrics, bass, and percussion I'm using for these recordings. here's the thing, though. I...
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    Longest Sustaining Guitar You Tried?

    not to detract from the conversation, but sustain beyond what any good guitar would naturally have means nothing to me as well. I would never consider the reduced sustain of a hollowbody, for example, as a "trade-off", provided it was a good guitar. it's all about how the wood sounds to me. of...
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    Eastman or Heritage?

    I have a Heritage H535 Classic with '59s in both positions. that guitar is just amazing in terms of contruction, and (more importantly) tone. never played an Eastman. when you're talking about guitars though, I would say if you're spending serious money you have to play the guitar. I bought my...
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    New Carvin X100b Yeah or Neah

    I had an old 6L6 version head, and the cleans were absolutely wonderful. my favorite cab to run it into was an open-back 2x12 with an Emi Wizard and C-Rex in it. if I ever played it at an outside gig, I would have run it with 2 Wizards as it throws out 250 peak watts (!) and I wouldn't want to...
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    Weber Blue Pup 8" and other Weber 8" speakers

    got the 8" pup (ceramic) in my tweed champ clone. loverly. detailed and bright as advertised, which this amp benefits from. mine's a Valvetrain that I originally got in the unfinished Po' Boy version, then rehoused in a slightly bigger than vintage tweed cab. this is a great amp with the pup in...
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    Poor Man's ES-335--Any Suggestions???

    if you can find a cheap enough Heritage 535, that might be your bet. they had two 535 Classics, both with '59s in both positions when I got mine and they were both superb. the one I ended up with is magical, but they were both great. the Ibanez Artcore Customs are lovely instruments, and I love...
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    Jensen P12N RI

    I liked the C12N after a good pounding as well (cello CDs, solo guitar CDs, long time), but Webers are just flat out better speakers.
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    Speaker for 5e3?

    Weber 12A125 was probably my fav. Emi GB12 was louder and fuller. great sounding speaker, though as many say, it doesn't have the 3-dimensional sound that Webers usually have.
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    Tele string gauge?

    I voted for 11s, because that's my plain E. however, I use only the top two in the standard gauges for an 11 set, plus a 20 plain G, and heavy flatwounds (32/42/52). so basically an 11-52 flatwound set. this is in an ASAT Classic ash/maple with Muy Grandes.
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    Anybody do the Les Paul thing better than Gibson ?

    that sounded great!
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    What brand of strings do you use?

    I used EB 10s, then 11s for ages, then bought D'Addario 11s when the store was out one day. I liked the tone of the D'Addarios MUCH better, to my surprise, which is weird because I had switched the opposite direction years and years back. the difference was especially noticeable on the plain...
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    Jensen P12N RI

    check out Weber. fantastic speakers!
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