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    If Pigpen had survived..........

    I’d be much more interested in Dead & Co. if they’d let Mayer be their replacement “blues man” and explore those early Pigpen tunes ... but that’s not what Bobby wants.
  2. brb9911

    Guitar made of cocaine

    Apparently customs agents judge strats by their weight too
  3. brb9911

    Just When You Think It Can't Get Any More Ridiculous...

    Mac Sabbath needs this
  4. brb9911

    Talk me out of a new Telecaster

    That, sir, is a conversation between you and your wallet. Far be it from me to intervene.
  5. brb9911

    Songs where the Title is not in the Lyrics

    Everclear’s “Santa Monica”
  6. brb9911

    Best purchase for 2019?

    I vowed to conquer my GAS in 2019. Thus far, my best purchase so far this year has been strings. But wish me luck fellas — those Black Friday deals are sneaking up right around the corner ...
  7. brb9911

    Is this a rarity? Lead singers who play bass?

    Not Phil Lesh lol
  8. brb9911

    PRS Silver Sky Relic: Internet Explodes

    Or maybe it spent some time on the wall at Guitar Center?
  9. brb9911

    Buyer requests refund (non-TGP sale) dilemma. Silicon vs germanium.

    This. He’s just figuring out there are different versions, and he thinks he wants the other one. And once he sells this one, he’ll be able to buy the other. It’s certainly not your problem.
  10. brb9911

    When you know more than any GC employee in the store about the guitar you are buying

    I went into GC on a whim a while back to ask if they had the new Ernie Ball Titanium strings. Dude behind the counter spent about a minute laughing and telling me that “if they made strings out of titanium you wouldn’t have to buy new ones!” I then pointed to the shiny new packs all in a row...
  11. brb9911

    NGD Fugly or not?

    I was almost down until I got to the headstock and then it became a hard pass
  12. brb9911

    "How much does it Weigh?" Really!?

    People ask the weight because they can’t pick it up to judge for themselves. It’s not personal.
  13. brb9911

    Gibson to launch Authorized Partnership Program

    Play Authorized Partnership lol
  14. brb9911

    Actual relics

    Looks like that one was relic’d by Pete Townsend
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