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    The Beatles are overrated

    To the OP…Dig into their music and transcribe some tunes. Their genius is within the tunes. I‘ve never heard of you or heard any of your tunes. Almost everyone I’ve ever met knows the Beatles. I think that speaks for itself. Music that appeals to the masses as well as other musicians across...
  2. Brion

    FS Fulltone Ranger, Vick, Lovepedal, HBE, Bearfoot

    Bump with price reductions in Original Post.
  3. Brion

    FS 1995 Hamer Studio

    OK how about $1400?
  4. Brion

    What Is Your Favorite Beatles Album?

    Voted revolver, but the Hey Jude EP, Sgt Peppers, Rubber Soul and Abbey Road are all right there for me. My first Beatles Album was Revolver so that makes me biased towards it.
  5. Brion

    StewMac Z-Files for frets - anyone here used them?

    I use a leveling beam that is about 16-18” long and 1” wide. I apply sticky back 220 grit on one side and 400 grit on the other. I use the 220 grit to get it close and the 400 to finish the leveling. The 400 grit helps reduce the amount of time I need to polish the thin strip left after...
  6. Brion

    StewMac Z-Files for frets - anyone here used them?

    I have the Centered Z file. I have used it a couple of times. Overall I think it is a great tool for the beginner just getting into crowning frets. There are two different widths on the file. I found I still had to roll the Z file slightly in order to leave the skinny line of untouched...
  7. Brion

    FS 1995 Hamer Studio

    Some interest, but still here.
  8. Brion

    Who was your Inspiration for Playing Guitar

    My dad was a Jazz guitarist. So I had always been around guitar and music. After that I had access to a couple of Beatles records, but in the mid 70s Kiss grabbed my ear and I used to play air guitar and sing Kiss songs. All of these factors led up to me wanting to play, but once I heard...
  9. Brion

    Vinyl? Really?

    Well, I never listened to Kiss on anything but vinyl. That was my only choice. These days I don’t listen to that crap, but I listen to other crap on vinyl. Not too many of my records tick pop or hiss.
  10. Brion

    Vinyl? Really?

    I have a bunch of vinyl LP's and still buy select new releases on Vinyl, but I have had most of the records going all the way back 40 years. I also have enough space to keep all of them. I love playing darts or billiards in our entertainment room and spinning up some music on Vinyl. Saves a...
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    FS 1995 Hamer Studio

  12. Brion

    Do you do your own setups, or have someone else do it?

    I do everything myself including refrets. Have amassed quite the arsenal of lutherie tools.
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