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    Nice '59 Les Paul 2014 VOS

    Looks overweight to me... ‍♀️
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    Nice '59 Les Paul 2014 VOS

    Two eights... treee eights... what's the difference
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    Nice '59 Les Paul 2014 VOS

    Weird. It just popped up
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    Nice '59 Les Paul 2014 VOS

    Was the buying weight or selling weight ? That's about a half pound more than my ideal weight..
  5. 20200513_165157.jpg


  6. R0


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    Sold 2013 Gibson R9

    Very nice 2013 Gibson 1959 RI for sale here. The guitar is very clean and looks and sounds amazing ! OHSC and COA. SOLD ! Thanks Ryan ! Thanks for looking.
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    Sold First year 1993 Parker Fly Deluxe hard tail

    Killer guitar here kids !
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    My Exit Scene Song

    Good stuff Dave ! :aok
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    Sold Cornford Harlequin Local SE Michigan

    Cornford Harlequin Hand Wired boutique guitar combo amp 6W. $800.00 local deal. Pics later. Amp is very clean and sounds AWESOME !
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    Sold First year 1993 Parker Fly Deluxe hard tail

    Super rare guitar. 1993 Parker Fly Deluxe made by Ken Parker. Has the rare white nut to boot ! Stupid light weight. Ships in original gig bag. The guitar is CRAZY clean as it was bought from a collector.
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    Sold Killer Gibson On Hold

    2007 Gibson R0 (not a guitar center G0) with some killer upgrades. Wolfetone Marshallheads for pickups and R/S superpots. The guitar now has some very nice pickup covers on it. The R0 and R9 are the same price new from Gibson so I think it's a fair price for this monster Les Paul. One ding on...
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    Sold Super killer Tele on the cheap--$595 shipped !

    Here is a cool guitar I got from Travis owner of JW Van guitar works years ago. It's a very cool, nice playing guitar. I traded it to a buddy some years back and just got it back in trade again lol. Originally it only had a bridge pickup only, AKA Esquire, but my buddy had a nice Gibson...
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    Sold Roccaforte Custom Built 18 head

    And one of the BEST builders period ! This is a crazy good amp from clean to mean !
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    Sold Ron Thorn Artisan Master SFC-007 "Autumn Leaves"

    How can this not be sold yet ? It's making me nuts ! :bkw Killer Thorn ! :dude
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