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Recent content by buffbiff21

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    Popping, crazy buzzing... power tube looks like it's about to explode

    I got it working. It did. As I stated in my post one of them was broken at the guide post all the way up to the glass. That was the original source of my problems (the popping). The second problem, the loud crazy buzzing, was a result of me not setting the ohm selector to 8 after I removed the...
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    Popping, crazy buzzing... power tube looks like it's about to explode

    Posted this over at the Splawn forum... (link) I have a Quick Rod with KT77s. thought I'd post here too, seems to be more busy here. Earlier today at practice I noticed some weird popping. The kind you hear when you step on a true-bypass tuner or pedal of the like. It started only doing it...
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    Custom scalloping?

    I'm usually a DIY guy but I'm not doing this myself. Period. Blackmore and Yngwie did their own but I'd rather have it turn out looking decent too.
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    Seafaring Guitars

    Strings will get rusty quickly as well. Put it in its case when not in use and it should be fine. I think most guitar cases come with a pack of silica gel or something similar to prevent moisture build up.
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    Custom scalloping?

    That's Blackmore style scalloping. Personally, I bend the hell out of the EAD strings too, even on chords. Otherwise, I have a light touch when not employing vibrato, so a full-blown scallop would not be a problem. Btw.. I would not feel comfortable scalloping a neck using a Dremel.
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    Custom scalloping?

  7. B

    Custom scalloping?

    Well, my issue with the D/A truss is that it makes the neck sound clunky and dull. They're more sturdy but I'm willing to take that hit for better tone. In regards to the side dots, Warmoth places them slightly lower. I suppose one could order the neck w/out any inlays and have the...
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    Show your guitar pick !!!

    Tortex Jazz 1.14mm. Mine are black though. "Cool Picks" 1mm grip are also pretty good. I also want to try Gator Grip. Never tried a V Pick either. Trying new picks has mysterious GAS-curing properties.
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    Show me your Super Strats!

    Nice stuff guys! Here's mine. Warmoth bod Musikraft neck. Alder/maple. All finished in Tru Oil. ... and this is my "to be completed" pile:
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    Favorite Strings?

    8-38 on all my Strats and super-strats. I'm a vibrato guy. They also allow for spring tension to be reduced, facilitating easier tremolo dives (if using a guitar equipped with one). On Gibson scale length, I use 10-46. They just sound beefier. Don't care about brand name too much, though I...
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    I Hate Les Pauls!

    I don't think I'll ever own one.. too expensive. Though Gibson is using a PLEK machine for the new Standards...
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    Custom scalloping?

    Where can I send, for instance, a Warmoth/USACG/Musikraft neck to be scalloped? Are there any luthiers out there that offer professional level scalloping? Are there any companies with websites that I could send it to? I know Warmoth does but they limit it to "Warmoth Pro" construction and that...
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    6100 versus 6105 Frets - which is easier to bend on?

    I have 6000 fretwire (.118" x .058") on all my parts Strats. The bigger the fret, the better. Especially for vibrato. It's easier to dig into the string without being impeded by the fretboard wood itself, and that allows for easier legato, tapping, sweeps, and vibrato. It's kinda like they teach...
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    Les Paul necks

    Why not just take it to a luthier and ask to have the neck back profile sanded down to fit your hand? Heck, you can even do this yourself and then refinish it with Tru Oil. If you don't want to get your hands dirty or are just sick of that guitar in general, I would stay away from Epiphones as...
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    Flying V - A Practical Guitar?

    Agree bigtime, like computer chair or edge of bed it's perfect. Couch? Nah, but 99% of the time I spend practicing, I'm on my computer anyway. :) Standing up, it's just the best. The strap peg positioning is perfect. It definitely is unrivaled in terms of upper register fret access. The only...