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    IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling (Profile/Capture in your daw)

    The existing Amplitube Engl models are beasts and, IMO, underrated. It always strikes me how different they are from anything else in Amplitube.
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    Classless Act, what's the story with this band?

    "Classless Act featuring Vince Neil" is damn near the perfect music-related anti-clickbait for me.
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    Bands with no original members left, but still on the road

    The analogy between bands and teams only goes so far. I think what matters with bands is having a critical mass of definitive members. In some bands, that's all of them. In some bands, it may be as few as one. Some bands can't be the band without one or more particular original members...
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    Ok… Ron Thal “Bumblefoot” or John Petrucci?

    Good news for Bumblefoot fans
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    IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling (Profile/Capture in your daw)

    Anyone know whether Amplitube Tonex software will be available in IK Custom Shop? Maybe I missed it, but haven't seen anything about that yet.
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    IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling (Profile/Capture in your daw)

    That's the way to do it!
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    Isn’t Rush 2112 (Alex) solo as good as Stairway?

    No. But his solo on Limelight certainly belongs in the conversation about greatest rock guitar solos, along with Stairway.
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    Metallica’s first 4 albums need to be remixed with the guitar tone from the Black album

    I enjoy listening to some of them. The Giles Martin Beatles remixes and Steven Wilson's Yes remixes are worthwhile, IMO. I don't view them as substitutes for the originals. Their goal, it seems to me, is to shine light on different aspects of the recording, not to make it sound like its from a...
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    Metallica’s first 4 albums need to be remixed with the guitar tone from the Black album

    No. Not necessary, or even particularly desirable. I can see wanting a version of And Justice for All with audible bass in addition to, but not in place of, the original. But the first 3 stand up perfectly well with no alterations. If Kill 'Em All were made less gritty and punky, it would...
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    Roger Waters' ego shows no signs of shrinking with age

    That interview . . . You can find the whole thing on YouTube. Not going to post it. I think this is one of those cases of a person, often a famous or powerful person, who is very heavily insulated from ever having to genuinely consider another person's thoughts. Not my idea of someone I'd...
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    How do you feel about a cover song(s) in an original band's set?

    I'm in favor of it. If a band has a good set of originals, throwing in a couple of covers 1) is fun for the band and the audience and 2) honors the community of musicians. If, on a gig in 2022, the Stones can play a Beatles song, literally no one should think they're so good or so important...
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    Supergroups that you don't find 'super'

    Chickenfoot's Highway Star is, indeed, really good. They all clearly love the song, and they're all putting their hearts into it. I'm a huge Satriani fan, but I've never listened to the Chickenfoot albums more than once or twice. Maybe I need to revisit them, but I don't remember anything that...
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    Supergroups that you don't find 'super'

    Gossard and Ament were already pretty well-known. Mother Love Bone was on the verge, before Wood's untimely death, people following SubPop likely knew Green River. Chris Cornell was certainly well-known. I remember talk about Soundgarden in the late 80s-early early 90s. Vedder and McCready...
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