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    Timeline does a good enough job of replacing a big box dmm and echoczar on my gigging board, and i can really only tell the difference when comparing them directly or being nitpicky... as to pristine digital, i hear this complaint a lot and suggest you try the lo fi engine, it does infinite...
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    New Strymon Pedal(s) - The "dig" And ?

    Damn...was really hoping for a pitch synthything...
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    Electro Harmonix 2880 - what are the downsides?

    Hi, i've been using the 2880 for years now, and the main issue is you only have 1 loop memory, so you have to swap memory cards for different loops. That and for me the fact the first loop dictates the final loop length is a drag. All this aside, the sound and functionality are very good...
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    Boss RC-3 Looper Ability Question

    Hiya, as long as you put the rc3 last in chain you can record all your separate overdubs with different effects and you'll have no problem, you'll only have trouble if you're using effects after the rc3.
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    Fuzz Face Users: What Do You Stack With It?

    London fuzz into blue boy deluxe is brilliant, doesn't change the fuzz's eq too much (if you don't want it to). With other drives (klon, hotcake, diablo...) i find the full on fuzz turns to dark mush supersaturation, which is a cool sound, but you really have to want it (think tame impala).
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    Budget Boutique Pedal Substitutes

    Not mass produced but pretty cheap and sounds good: beano--->hbe Germania
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    What bridges the gap between...

    I have been curious about those, are there any versions that clean up well?
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    What bridges the gap between...

    Hey thanks, i just had a look at it, and it seems interesting, but it's still a treble booster, i guess i'm after a bit more dirt than a rangemaster...
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    What bridges the gap between...

    a treble booster and a fuzz face? Both intended as germanium examples of their categories, i love my london fuzz and sun face, and i think i've finally gotten the hang of the hbe germania, even if mostly in the hi fi, full frequency setting... But, this leaves me wondering, is there anything...
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    Alternatives to a DL4

    Well, it depends on what you didn't like in the dl4, but i went through the same thing (dl4 broke, but i really liked it...), and first went with the m9, but was distracted by all the other awesome stuff in there, and eventually sold that and got the timeline. I kinda miss the no display, no...
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    Is there a dirt pedal that does it all? Any close?

    Hotcake sounds good as clean boost, light crunch, mid gain od, and with a little amp twiddling the maxed out fuzzy distortion is actually really good, if i could have only one drive, that's it!
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    Need advice on a RE-201 Tape Space Echo

    Well it does depend on how much you're going to have to spend to get it working, but i have an re201 and whenever i'm in the studio it gets used, it is really a magical piece of gear!
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    What Digital Delay Nails the DMM?

    first in with timeline...
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    what low/medium gain OD's retain, or even boost low-end

    Blue Boy Deluxe, with the body knob you can get tons of bass in the signal, and is a brilliant low gainer, on bass too!
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