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    Room for 1 more

    bumpity bump checked out a Dot, Casino, and Sheraton. none of them really grabbed me. :/ Been meaning to check out the Bullet Mustang, I can buy a bag of Doritos after too. and 12string electrics if I can find one around. also, could be a 4th bass, if it does something different than the two...
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    Room for 1 more

    Budget...perferablly $500 and under. If it's really****ingamazeballs I can spend more. you're right, no semi-hollows. I favour single coils, though I have 5 guitars with singles. ...I don't have anything with mini HBs though the Talman pickups are like P100s. And the Peavey has those awesome...
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    Room for 1 more

    I have 2 guitar racks, 1 for 5, the other for 7. Just 1 space is empty and I'd like to fill it. Currently filled with: Fender PS VI Squier VI Squier fretless P bass MIM strat (play with a capo on 5th, standard tuning) Kingston (Teisco) 4 pickup 26'' scale (D standard) Peavey T-15, set up to...
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    Today Played a Number of Yamahas at the Local Shop

    This month I picked up an FG Junior. for a $200cad travel guitar, it's pretty decent quality and sounds good.
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    7 all used Boss on a pedalboard for no more than $500

    ME 30 (sometimes I miss the one I had as a teenager) $50 DD 20 $150 RC-1 $99.99 SYB5 for some whackyness $150 then fiddybux on some cables. or just get a DM-1 and a bag of Doritos.
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    Blackstar Mini BEAM Line out to other amp? this one. not a fan, though I read that Billy Corgan plugged into a Crate practice amp, then plugged that through the headphone jack into some other amp. Using the Crate more like a pedal. Looking to get a better sound from my acoustic, it doesn't sound that great...
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    Blackstar Mini BEAM Line out to other amp?

    I have a few guitars, a lapsteel, 2 VI's, an acoustic and a Spanish Lute. My guitars and VI's sound fine through my ZT lucnhbox, into a BagEnd S12-d cab. I'm using a Dean Markley Artist Transducer with my acoustic and Lute, they don't sound so great with the ZT. The speaker in the Bagend is...
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    NGD ZINKY? 4 pickup Teisco

    Found out this is actually a Kingston Baritone
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    NGD ZINKY? 4 pickup Teisco

    this followed me home today, 4 pickups, pretty sure it's a Teisco. has "Zinky" on the headstock. MIJ. the guy I got it from said it was 26inch scale. Someone put new tuners on it, other than that I think it's stock. came with a HSC, and tuned to Open G. Time to break out the brass slide...
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    My wife said she'd punch me in the face

    as much as I think relic'd guitars are lame, if you want it, get it. If she actually does hit you, pour bleach in her shampoo.
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    Lithium Guitars

    link? google just gives me tabs for the Nirvana song.
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    Strat Junior

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    Should I keep it?

    I'd keep it. it doesn't fit with your band now, though after getting familiar with it it could take your music in a different direction.