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    Best shop to buy a Matchless from online?

    Yeah, I dunno. I did a quick search and found threads here saying they were bad at customer service, orders took months after radio silence, etc. Ergo, a little gunshy giving them $3k+ without checking first.
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    Best shop to buy a Matchless from online?

    Huh. It's a 6-7 hour drive from me, so... maybe? Gas and lodging would probably negate the benefit. :)
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    Best shop to buy a Matchless from online?

    I'm looking to buy a Matchless (HC-30 most likely), but since there are no Matchless dealers near me (US: Arizona), I was going to order one online. I went through the dealer list on Matchless' site and the only ones I could find that seemed to have an HC-30 in stock were NashVegas Guitars and...
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    Recommend a budget bass to buy online, sight unseen

    Since threads here at TGP never seem to die, here's my update: I saved up and got a Music Man StingRay Special 5 HH. I am content.
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    3-button footswitch for Universal Audio OX Box?

    Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but my search was inconclusive... I'd like to add a 3-button footswitch to my UA OX, but I'm not entirely sure which one(s) would work. Would anyone be able to recommend one? Thanks in advance.
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    Please help me diagnose this hum

    When I originally posted this thread, I was living in an apartment with crappy utilities and that was right next to the electric parking gate. Now I live in a home, and there is virtually no noise at all. So, it's about the power. As a test, try (if you can) setting up in different rooms on...
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    30th Anniversary Marshall Head — tonal equivalent?

    I have always loved Ty Tabor's tone on Ear Candy by King's X. He used a 30th Anniversary Marshall head (the early blue Tolex model). I've looked at maybe acquiring one, but I've also read about various issues with its design. So, is there an equivalent amp? I.e., that sounds the same but is a...
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    Who is this guitarist?

    Dang, I totally missed that. Thank you.
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    Who is this guitarist?

    I'm just happy to see anyone younger than me enthusiastically playing guitar.
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    Who is this guitarist?

    Thank you!
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    Who is this guitarist?

    This is the latest AMS catalog. I don't see this player's name anywhere inside. Does anyone know who they are? (I'm anticipating this is someone really famous and I am just out of touch.)
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    NGD: 2014 Suhr Classic T Antique

    IMO, not a problem with Suhr. Have you played any before?
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    NGD: 2014 Suhr Classic T Antique

    This is a 2014 Suhr Classic T Antique with a roasted maple neck that I found at Reverb a while back and put on my Watch List. I finally capitulated, and it arrived about a week ago. I would not normally buy a guitar sight-unseen, but, hey, COVID. Plus, I already own a Classic S, so I know the...
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    Please help me find this guitar strap

    No sweat.