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    Source Audio Nemesis Delay

    What are the analog engines based on again?
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    Jack White on SNL...

    I said the exact same thing to my wife after watching it on Hulu tonight
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    The CD Collection

    have a few cds left but most are gone. Streaming is just so convenient. I’m not an audiofile so sound quality is fine fore me most of the time. my car is the only place there is a cd player anymore. what I honestly miss is shopping for cds. We would load up the car and drive to vinyl solution...
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    List ten (and ONLY ten) albums that have greatly influenced your playing

    Smashing pumpkins- gish and Siamese dream verve- storm in heaven, northern soul black angles-passover oasis- definitely maybe spiritualized- laser guided melodies, pure phase, ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space pink Floyd- delicate sounds of thunder
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    Which parenthood bummer is your favorite?

    Mommas got a girlfriend...Ben Harper
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    Songs You Wish Had Never Been Recorded

    Black hole sun... ruined soundgarden for me
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    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    All great choices... I’ll raise you a silverf***.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    Where does the radar go in your chain? I’m assuming last?
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    fuzz and octavia in one pedal, who makes it?

    What about this?
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    pick three single effects

    This question is ridiculous...3 pedals? really?
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    Good method to cover up flashing tap tempo LEDs? Got this idea from here a couple years ago and I think thy do the trick. You can double or triple them if you want darker. I also use them on other things like smoke detectors.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I have a really difficult time selling fuzzes. They are all I so special in their own way.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    Some I like lately... black spiral fuzz- not officially a sixties style but it can get there imo fuzzwell lyre- this might be my favorite right now. Fuzzrite-ish but not as thin or trebly. BA zippy- I wouldn’t call this thin fuzzrite-ish but I’m enjoying it. The BA website describes it as 60s...
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    Talk to me about overdrive...

    lots to think about here, so thanks for the discussion. I have gone through a few overdrives before settling on a Timmy. It went well with my vox ac 15 at the time I bought it. Now I’m using a rivera amp set pretty clean. I also a mainly basement player that jams with friends occasionally. That...
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    Talk to me about overdrive...

    Hey everyone, Ive been thinking about overdrive lately (exciting right). I own overdrives, but lately I find myself not using them much at all. previously I used it to sweeten my guitar tone, goosing the amp a tad, or stacking into fuzz.Part of the reason I have gone away from overdrive is...

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