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    What do you do w/ regard to V & T knobs

    On most drive pedals it's a permutation in the 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock range, a bit above unity gain, setup for a guitar at 8 on the volume and tone 4-6.
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    New Tim by Paul C

    I got mine today and ran through a number of different settings. It sounds like I remember my old Tim and that's exactly what I was hoping for. I like the new layout a lot - the size is more pedalboard friendly, which is always a plus, and with top jacks it's only going to take up about 1"...
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    Pedal you recommend the most that you actually don’t use much yourself

    Sonic Research Turbo Tuner It takes 30 seconds to get tuned up and I'm back to bypass every time.
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    Favorite Mini Humbuckers?

    PRS Narrowfield
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    Running two pedals off of one power supply output

    I would use the splitter on the Tuner and an analog OD pedal. You'll likely never need both on at once (and make sound), so even if they do have interaction issues it shouldn't be an issue.
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    Best spotlight for my bedroom. Wanna pretend I'm a rock star.

    The other option is to buy a lot of pedals with ridiculously bright LED's. I had a board once that lit up like a small-town carnival packed into a 300sf practice space. It had a skylight and I eventually put tape over many of them, just so NASA would quit calling me!
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    Why Do All The YouTube guys sleep on Jackson Audio?

    Before this thread, I hadn't heard of them...or don't recall. Maybe I was asleep at the mouse?
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    New Tim by Paul C

    I couldn't resist, although I didn't try too hard, lol. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing this with my rig! Edit - last time I missed it by 20 minutes...this time I snuck in right before the buzzer :)
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    One last pedal-what should it be

    The benefit of an EQ for me is twofold - First, it allows me to change guitars without making significant changes to the amp. Second, an EQ can add a lot of versatility to the dirt that's already on your board...and it can interact with any or all. This is where having presets like the SA2 or...
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    Tim V3 Arrived. Quick Review

    The market isn't rewarding the flip right now, so I'd definitely keep it. One sold on the emporium at $325 (net ~$20) and another sits unsold at $340....I wouldn't take $30 to stand in line at the post office, so that's not a profit.
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    One last pedal-what should it be

    I'd get an EQ...I like the Source Audio EQ2, but for your board you may find the Boss EQ 200 is a better fit.
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    Who was your “Hendrix”?

    I didn't start playing until 2000 or so...and while i'm sure there are great guitarists who came to fame after that, I can't name one that was an influence or inspiration, so I'll go with the "new to me" approach. Sometime soon after I started playing guitar, my parents started buying me...
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    $100 at Sweetwater, what are you getting?

    I'd probably use it to justify the PRS Custom 24-08 I've been eyeing, or more likely I'd get a Mogami cable. It'd be tough to pass on the 24-08 though.
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    New Tim by Paul C

    Congrats to those who got one! I refreshed the page for a few hours on Monday, suspecting that it was the day, and then I got stuck in a meeting that should have been an email. Awesome. Maybe next time - looking forward to hearing reviews and clips!
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