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    EH Small Stone vs. Boss Phase Shifter

    If you want to get that Gilmourish sound, Small Stone... hands down. It is the best phaser that I have used. I used to work at Guitar Center and I have played on both the BOSS and the Small Stone and I ended up with the Small Stone on my board. It has an incredible sound. It's like buttah...
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    Best guitar for the money

    I am looking for a new guitar and am willing to spend some money but I am looking for other suggestions as well. I am looking at a Fender American Deluxe with S-1 switching and a soft "V" neck, Fender Eric Johnson sig, PRS Custom 24 (2008), PRS Custom 22 (2002), Equator Instruments guitar ('doc...
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    How big is your pedalboard?

    That's what she said...
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    Vintage Thomas Int. Corp. Wah Question

    I just went to a vintage guitar shop around the corner just to see what they had. Usually good stuff but today was a good day... 2002 PRS Custom 22, 1968 Fender Showman head (Silverface) with cab, and this... a Thomas International Corporation Cry Baby wah. When I walked in, I wasn't going to...
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    Looking for that sweet vintage sound

    Hey everyone, I'm in need of the sweetest vintage tone I can get out of a Les Paul. All I want to do is a new set of humbuckers... Preferably Seymour Duncan's. If anyone has any suggestions on what p/u's to get, I would like to know what they are. Thanks.
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    Carbon Copy delay

    I'll just say that the Guitar Center in Jackson, MS finally got one and I want to get one also so I decided to plug in and try it. It is awesome. Great analog delay and the "mod" button makes a huge difference when engaged. It's a great pedal and as soon as I get the money, that's the first...
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    The ultimate fuzz face?

    You know, I never did really thinik about that. I have doing a lot of looking and youtube watching and whatnot and really ended up liking the '69 a lot. It's really full. I saw a pedal though that as of yet (I'm only on page 2 of 4 on the post) has not been mentioned... the MI Audio G.I...
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    The ultimate fuzz face?

    Have you checked out the Fulltone '70? It's got a real nice fuzz to it. It's meaty and everything that I know I dig in a fuzz. Check it out if you haven't yet.
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    Weber Speakers vs. Celestion Speakers

    I'm looking at buying a new amp (Fender Twin Reverb) and am looking at getting rid of the Fender speakers and getting some new ones. I've heard good things about too many speakers; Tone Tubby, Celestion, Weber, Eminence and so on and so on. Anyways, Weber and Celestion are the top 2 for...
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    Trifecta Sounds Good But Slightly Woofy

    Excellent! I That's the one I was really leaning towards but needed a 2nd opinion on someone that has played one. Once again, thanks.
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    From Mississippi

    Haha, well brlfq, I'm sure that everyone knows that they only conference that knows... and I mean knows... football is the SEC. But maybe we can get there for a pickup game, haha. Good luck ya'll this baseball season. My best friend's brother pitched for Southern a few years back (about7-10...
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    Gilmour Tone !!!!

    The Gilmour tone is hard to get but I think your best bet is to get a vintage Big Muff Pi for the distorion through Hiwatt heads and cabs. If you want that classic phase from Darkside of the Moon, I found that the EH Small Stone with the color switch on and the dial at about 10 or so grabs that...
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    Trifecta Sounds Good But Slightly Woofy

    Hey byrdman, how many different fuzzes have you tried? I was looking at getting the Trifecta among others (Voodoo Labs Superfuzz and EH Big Muff). Does it capture that late 60's/ early 70's feel? I like the tone of Gilmour and Hendrix. Gilmour still uses a Big Muff and Jimi used a prototype of...
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    Any good true bypass delay pedals?

    Does anyone know of any good true bypass delay pedals? The only brand that I'm really looking at is the Electro- Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man but, unfortunately, it's 300 or so odd numbered dollars and that's a little much for a delay... even though it is built the typical (and awesome) over the...
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    From Mississippi

    Which Dr. Z amp do you have Ken? I'm looking at getting a Dr. Z amp. I'm really interested in the MAZ 38 Sr. "NR" and the Z-28. I have read a lot of good things about these amps but have yet to play one. Are you pretty satisfied with it. I'm also getting a few more pedals (Barber Trifecta or...