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    What's new in the last 3-4 years

    I finally stopped playing around 2013, getting into other things. Well, now my oldest son is getting into guitar and I'm getting pulled back into it. So what is new in pedals these days? When I left Joyo's cheap Chinese clones were getting a lot of discussion, and they were about to release...
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    Pearce vs Pritchard vs Roland Cube amps

    I got mine in 2003, and quickly lost my amplifier G.A.S. So I dropped off this forum other than a few times a year. Still occasionally have pedal GAS, and I also have an Ethos, and haven't dusted off my old tube amps in a good while. Unless anything has changed, Pritchard only selling direct...
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    Repairing a Tonefactor Hellbilly

    Hate to bump an ancient thread, but I dusted off my Hellbilly, and when I turn it on I have no sound. This is a gooped pedal, and the pedalworx.com website says RIP Robert McBroom. Any opinions on what to do? ---other than the obvious lesson of never buy a gooped pedal again.
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    Any word on the Tech 21 Boost Fuzz?

    Can you get a good Tonebender type tone from it?
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    Non-tube.. Tube replacement / alternative

    So despite post #2 about AMT SS power tube alternatives in 2013...I guess that never materialized? Nor such by anyone into production? Just for reference, I got a Pritchard in 2003, and have mostly dropped completely off TGP in the years since from being happy with my sound...except for...
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    Barber Small Fry

    IIRC, there are two Alpha companies making pots. An American one that is very high quality, and a Taiwan Alpha company that is medium quality, certainly not bad quality.
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    Suggested settings on VFE Alpha Dog for "vintage Rat" sounds?

    IIRC, the fat control should be set fully counter-clockwise to be authentic rat. Using the fat control is to make it more overdrive than distortion.
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    What should I do with this Bell & Howell Filmosound amp?

    The speaker is a 25 watt 12 inch alnico.
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    What should I do with this Bell & Howell Filmosound amp?

    Got this at a garage sale. It still has original Bell & Howell branded 6L6Gs in it. I'm tempted to plug it in, despite reservations I may be electrocuted. What is it worth? What should I do with it? (Don't say give it away.) Anyway to date it without taking it apart? I'd guess 1960-1965...
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    NPD: VFE Alpha Dog and Old School

    So far I've only seen a few seconds of various video demos that get the velcro fuzz sound out of the Alpha Dog. Anyone know of demos that demonstrate more of that tone?
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    High Gain Distortion Pedals

    A MXR 10 Band EQ is a means to make a merely quite good high gain metal pedal into a great one. If I didn't have the EQ, I'd go for the Megalith Delta. I've thought all the major heavy bands used only real amps as gain source. Then I found out that Dark Tranquillity use a Behringer digital...
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    Octave down for heavy metal?

    People keep tuning down in many heavy subgenres, then get 7 or 8 strings...then tune those down too. I was thinking, why not just get an octave down effect that would sound good into Recto or heavier type amps or pedals, and then be happy with a properly tuned six string? Any opinions? Boss...
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    What are these Roine Stolt of Transatlantic pedals?

    I recognize a Lovepedal, maybe Eternity? A Tech 21 British Character, but can't tell for the others. Anyone know? http://www.funksheet.com/2009/12/roine-stolt-transatlantic-guitar-rig.html
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    Blackout effects twosome or Empress multi-drive?

    My SST is in the mail, but I assume the Multidrive has an advantage for metal in that it has the 3-way midrange switch. Anyone try to get the tighter metal tones like Dream Theater from the Twosome?
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    Empress Distortion?

    My initial thought was that most demos either did not do the pedal justice, or it just wasn't that good. Even the PGS demo left me thinking it wasn't worth the price. However, it was interesting to hear it used to accomplish a range of high gain tones, like by this Youtuber...
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