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    Affordable "fendery" sounding speaker

    I think if the OP wants more high end then this might not be the right choice.
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    Affordable "fendery" sounding speaker

    I would look at the Fat Jimmy or WGS offerings. Mike at Fat Jimmy has always been great with responding to questions. The ceramic speakers are well within your budget
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    WTB Vintage Style Strat Pups

    I have Don Mare Josie Vaughn and 90s era spec Fender 57/62 pickups for sale
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    Strat pickup recommendation, please

    Oh please
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    Strat pickup recommendation, please

    Yup, this
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    Boss IR-200

    so is it possible to use the IR function with an amp you already have?
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    WTB Jupiter 10LA or Fat Jimmy A1060 alnico 10" speakers

    Looking for a large alnico speaker for my Vibrolux. I currently have an A1060 and ideally would like another for a pair. But Im open to other offers for large alnicos so shoot me a pm anyway!
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    FS Don Mare Josie Vaughn Strat pickups set

    Don Mare Josie Vaughns for sale Pics here (this is the reverb ad I purchased them from) https://reverb.com/item/43170197-don-mare-set-of-3-single-coil-strat-pickups-the-rosie-set-2021 $480 shipped (this is what I paid for them after taxes/fees)
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    Dumble tweedle dee

    Pretty sure the description is meant to be a joke. Tweedle dee were mods Dumble did to the 5e3 circuit
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