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    New Suhr PT-15 IR Amp

    @sinasl1 ,@rollyfoster , @yeatzee , @zerolight Thank you all very much, these are all excellent and very helpful points. So last night I set up a new rig in the UAD console to add some stereo spread in the HP mix and also do some surgical EQ scooping mids and cutting around 3.5kHz and it's...
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    New Suhr PT-15 IR Amp

    @sinasl1 , Any particular set of headphones you prefer for the PT15 when you plug in to the PT15 or UAD HP out? Or is it just a matter of impedance matching and then most HPs should work. I'm loving the amp through a cab or studio speakers but circumstances now dictate that I should listen...
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    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Imho this type of playing is smth that needs maintenance as well. I'd expect that even if didn't touch the gtr for as little as 1 month you'd had to take it back a step, imagine what 4 years can do. (well, you know..) It will come back, it may take a bit longer but it will come back. Just make...
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    Question for you rock players,, Dann Huff content

    Thanks all, that's all very useful. I'm indeed talking about the noisy bit before the bend which does sound fatter than the rest of. I suspected a rake (didn't know it was called that) but it sounds noisier than one. There is a wah sounding nuance in that bend that won't let me rest. The...
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    Question for you rock players,, Dann Huff content

    I've transcribed Dann's solo in Lost in Paradise (Giant) and can't figure out how he makes one particular bend sound so fat and "out of nowhere" Solo starts at 3:03 and the bend I'm talking about is at 3:23 right before the fast penta run Now, I have tried plucking all muted strings above...
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    Hand Problems Just Won't Go Away

    See if you can find a performance orthopedic or physiotherapist. People who work with dancers, musicians etc. My experience from a recent wrist injury and the reading I did off it, is that not the same practices apply to athletes, performers, elderly people etc. At least during physio and...
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    EQ Settings for SRV-kinda tone

    Hey all, I'm wondering whether there is a particular EQ-ing philosophy in getting close to a SRV strat tone using the neck PU. Obviously playing style, thick strings tuned down to Eb and heavy picking are really important but it seems to me there is this 'archetypal' tone one can get from...
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    Touch, dynamics, volume, gain (and drummers..)

    Thanks all, great points! Btw, it is a function band (hence not gtr-driven) so the playlist is funky, disco-pop-y with some cheesy ones and 1-2 songs which allow everyone to rock out a bit. The drummer is not loud, probably a bit busy as he is jazz-trained. Any loudness comes from the fact that...
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    Touch, dynamics, volume, gain (and drummers..)

    I am looking for some input from all the experienced players here on the topic in the title. So, I really like Allen Hinds and his smooth tone and fluid lines, along with what looks like a very light yet dynamic touch. The question is about how to maintain a certain playing style (don't mean a...
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    Suhr Badger 30 tube options to tighten up and a bit more preamp gain

    The amp is quite capable of a nice crunch tone if you crank the preamp up, however it needs volume other wise it either gets raspy or, if you dial treble and mids down, it gets mushy. At gig volumes with the gain around 7 you should be able to get some nice pre-amp saturation. Add a koko on...
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    Okay -- old question -- popping amp

    My MkV crackled and popped on channels 1&2 and what seems to have fixed it is contact cleaner in pre- tubes and sockets, particularly the loop tube. Still curious tho why it popped only in the first 2 channels and not the 3rd,, Unless they share some circuitry, the same pin in the loop tube...
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    How often do you play?

    I play everyday, even if it's for a few minutes just to maintain finger dexterity. I can't say I "practice" daily tho as by the time I start playing my mental resources are limited from hours of analytical work and I find it hard to focus and do anything musical or constructive like transcribing...
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    The WGS ET65/Retro 30 speaker set!

    Thank you. Is it equally effective in the Mids like the vet30 though? my experience is that the et65 sweetens the highs whilst the vet30 offers mids focus which the et65 kinda lacks. Is it similar with the retro?
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    Mesa Boogie MK I and MK I Reissue Love

    Doesnt the Lonestar line share some genes with the MkI? I think if I was struggling to find a MkI or could not afford one or a reissue I'd be more than happy to settle with a LSC
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    The WGS ET65/Retro 30 speaker set!

    Interested in this too; what would a retro 30 offer vs the vet. 30 which is irrc a recommended match by WGS for the et65? I'm currently running a MkV through a 2x12 et65+vet.30 combo and although I got no complains, I'm wondering if there's anything even nicer out there. Style is 80's...
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