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    BJFE Honey Bee

    Anyone tried the new 3 knob HBOD with tweaked EQ section vs the original?
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    The best end-of-chain tone-sweetener?

    BJFE Sea Blue EQ
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    Strymon El Capistan vs Skreddy Echo vs Belle Epoch (Deluxe)

    I have a nova repeater, great modulation. About a month ago I purchased a BED and I just get sucked in when playing it; hours fly by; very inspiring pedal to play. Never played the Skreddy Echo but will pick up one soon.
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    Crowther Hotcake vs Fulltone OCD

    Hotcake with level maxed, drive @ zero and presence to taste into an AC30 is glorious IMO. With an LP, everything from cleans to amp distortion is controlled with the volume knob on the guitar. Never tried an OCD.
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    A Compendium of King of Tone Waitlist Threads

    Thats why the waiting list is so long. Flippers. Why build faster for them?
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    What Analogman Pedals Are You Rocking?

    KOT regular gain, NKT275 red dot. Love them both
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    Pricing on

    A court decision is why online/remote sellers are now collecting the tax...
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    Pricing on

    This is brilliant IMO. Marketing dollars specifically targeting a client that has already delivered them value and making it easier on you to sell your product. Or perhaps you know someone in your circle that may be interested in selling their guitar, certainly makes the process simpler.
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    Could the Paul Cochrane Tim be the next Klon Centaur?

    The Tim is going to be the next Tim. A great pedal in its own right; hope Paul is able to pick up where he left off soon, I‘d love to pick a new one up.
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    I know this might be hard for some TOOL fans to accept....

    Wow, IMO Fear was the best rock album of 2019... If the album were a wallet, it would say Bad MF on it. Particularly the live show, Pneuma just was pure epic to my ears.
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    I don't like Fuzz

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    Recommendation for smooth sounding Wah pedal

    Check out videos of the Bud-wah / Clyde McCoy clones. Xotic sounds killer if you are looking for a new in production wah.
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    Best Delay for Higher Gain

    Deep blue delay
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    Your favorite hard rock album of all time

    Simply for the music - Tool Lateralus Mainsteam with radio play, explosion on the music scene, iconic songs- appetite for destruction
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    That's what I call PERFECT harmonies! Wow!

    Blac Rabbit youtube renditions of Beatles are fantastic