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Recent content by Cerpin Taxt

  1. Cerpin Taxt

    Poll: Do wah pedals belong on the floor?

    My wah and my expression pedal are on the board but the volume is “on the floor”. Technically both the board(s) and the volume pedal are mounted inside a case.
  2. Cerpin Taxt

    Electric guitars, under $1000 (preowned) that "play like butter" for mostly classic rock

    These guys know what they're talking about. Reverend.
  3. Cerpin Taxt

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    I decided that showing off the pedalboard is cooler if people can actually hear the pedals, so I threw a couple licks at each one on my big board. Just messing around and the playing is sloppy af, so deal with it. The pedals you don't recognize are most likely my DIY/BYOC builds.
  4. Cerpin Taxt

    Which chorus - Boss CE-2(W) or Boss DC-2(W)?

    Mr Black Stereo Vintage Ensemble
  5. Cerpin Taxt

    How important is pedal COLOUR to you?

    This is basically me. I have a big board so two similar colors is ok but they just can't be too close to each other. Like, at all. Agree. The color is part of the pedal's "identity" to me. That's probably Boss's brainwashing of me, but it is what it is. He knows everything
  6. Cerpin Taxt

    Post your guitar recording setups

    Lately it's just been this
  7. Cerpin Taxt

    Just curious, how many players own a Peavey Classic 30?

    I have a Classic 50 4x10 with the 1x15 extension cabinet.
  8. Cerpin Taxt

    Chorus choices

    My mono chorus is a CE-2 clone I built myself. Next I have an Ibanez CS9 from the 80s that has some magic to it, and it's stereo. My latest and most favorite chorus tho is Mr. Black's Stereo Vintage Ensemble.
  9. Cerpin Taxt

    Wet/Dry/Wet Rig question

    Yes, my wet cabs have dry signal also.
  10. Cerpin Taxt


    This is my W/D/W rig. Peavey Classic 50 410 + 115E, with Carvin XV212 100-watt combos for L&R wet signal. It's a good idea for your wet signal amplifiers to have extra headroom, generally speaking. The headroom on the Carvin X amp's clean channel is legendary.
  11. Cerpin Taxt

    Wet/Dry/Wet Rig question

    No this is the only way. Every other method is prohibited by the laws of physics. If you attempt any other method, the physics police will promptly arrest you.
  12. Cerpin Taxt

    Wet/Dry/Wet Rig question

    Any splitter you want to use for W/D/W ought to have isolation, ground lift and phase reversal. Radial ABY is an inexpensive option. Put your dry effects like filters, pitch and gain before the splitter. Send one output direct to the center amp. Send the other output to a chain of pedals that...
  13. Cerpin Taxt

    Pedal order: chorus 1st into flange; or flange 1st into chorus?

    I used to run my chorus before my flanger because I had a mono CE-2 clone and a stereo flanger (mono in, stereo out). Never used them at the same time though. I replaced the CE-2 clone with a stereo chorus pedal with stereo ins so it goes after the stereo flanger now. Not sure it really matters...
  14. Cerpin Taxt

    Are you a “one guitar” or “more guitars” guy?

    I aim to have sort of "one of each" for the various categories of guitars, rather than like 5 telecasters.