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    Strat players who correctly float the trem, how did you first discover this setup?

    This is just the whole Star-Bellied Sneetches debacle all over again.
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    it's 2021 - what's the best way to sell higher-ticket items?

    How do you handle payment? Paypal?
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    it's 2021 - what's the best way to sell higher-ticket items?

    heyyy it's been a rough year man. :) ok, fixing title!
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    it's 2021 - what's the best way to sell higher-ticket items?

    I've got some older gear sitting around that has become fairly valuable -- a Fender 5B3 wide-panel tweed deluxe, for instance. I've literally never sold gear online, and have no idea how to do it with minimal risk/hassle and maximum return. I do not want random sketchy dudes coming by my house...
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    80's and early 90's superstrats theory

    I bought a Yamaha Pacifica 721 back then, which by all rights should be zooming up in value as it's a great Rich Lasner-designed superstrat with a fancy neck attachment that eliminates the heel, a solid Floyd, and surprisingly decent pickups. But Yamaha went downmarket while preserving the...
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    .Strandberg* Guitars

    You think they are overpriced for what they are. Some others appear to think they are fairly priced. Nobody is right or wrong. What are you missing? Maybe the fact that prices for non-essential, highly personal items like guitars are determined by what people will pay, not what it costs to...
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    Things I don't like about Strats

    Things I don't like about strats: - they have strings that I need to pick in the right way - the neck has frets and stuff and I need to put my fingers in the right spot - the sounds that come out come from what my hands did, instead of the sound that's in my brain - my arms and hands can't just...
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    Things I don't like about Strats

    Thread Summarizer Question: I don't like vanilla ice cream because of the way it tastes and looks and also when I eat it my spoon hits the bowl and sprays food on the table. Answer 1: learn to like it. Answer 2: don't eat it, then. Answer 3: mix a bunch of chocolate sauce into it and eat it...
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    JAZZ ARTISTS! Conservative or Liberal?

    Yep, i've heard this too. Them: "Can you go for a Freddie Green type of tone? Maybe turn down just a bit?" Me: "Oh, Freddie Green, that's the guy who everyone loves, but you can't hear him on the records? Sure." (me: turns my amp off) I really do try to blend in and play at a very modest...
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    My Steampunk DIY build

    Nice tones and really nice playing.
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    People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?

    From the article: University President Fisher says he’s already received a personal education in what these vintage instruments add to the art of making music. “I was always wondering, what’s the difference between my old Silvertone guitar and a Martin anyway,” he says. “Well, now I know...
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    XGP Body Arrives Tomorrow...

    I don't think "all Fender necks" are the same - minor variations in heel depth, screw hole location, etc. The ones I've gotten from GFS in the past have had what appear to be standard Fender dimensions, but a bit of work to get the neck and body to be happy together seems reasonable to expect...
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    zemaitis z-series

    I think the selling point for most of the Zemaitis guitars seems to be the aesthetic look. From what I can see (never played one) they appear to just be LPs otherwise, except for the shrunken upper bouts....and then some of the examples here don't have that metal or pearl look, and they look...
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    Experience with 12 strings...yay or nay?

    step 3: go back and retune the regular set. They drifted, hmm. step 4: tweak the others, those drifted too, odd. step 5: play for 30s. Wait, something doesn't sound right. step 6: go to step 1
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    Fret replacement in Portland OR

    Portland is a sizable city and the unrest is in a fairly small (but important) area. There's lots of places to be in Portland that aren't deeply affected. Similarly, Seattle had unrest last year that was mostly limited to about 10 square blocks. The national news makes things sound pretty...