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    Sterling Magee, "Satan" of Satan and Adam, has died

    Check out the book! Adam is a literature professor, I believe, and the book is really well written.
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    POLL: The WORST thing to wear at a gig? (What's the worst you've seen?)

    Tube sock on the weinie. though I must admit, it's pretty funny!
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    Cue Spinal Tap references

    Sorry, I have no mime to click on your link. And mime is money.
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    Who Was Your Favorite Local Small Venue Act of the Early '90s?

    The Eyes/Pale Divine with a pre-Guns Richard Fortus
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    New Stryper Song

    Am I the only one hearing a King Diamond influence, especially in the melody and vocal harmonies of the chorus?
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    Wow! The new Rammstein video is fantastic.

    These videos give an excellent explanation of the video.
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    Vivian Campbell Fired from Dio

    I love Vivian Campbell...and.. there are always at least two sides to every story. Here is Vinnie Appice talking about what a great guy Dio was. also take note of how much dope was smoked during the period in which Vivian says Ronnie told the three of them that would all get bigger shares after...
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    Lets talk Gary Moore!

    I was a huge Vivian Campbell fan in the early 80's. Vivian often talked about Gary Moore in interviews saying things like, well if you think I'm good, you have to check out Gary Moore, he's way better than me. That led to buying one GM album and then another until suddenly, I had all of them. I...
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    New Deep Purple "Man alive"

    I love Ian Gillian's voice. I think this will grow on me.
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    Vinnie Vincent Boxset for $9,500!!!

    Hey Rob. what do you find interesting about it?
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    Interesting Tele from Zimnicki

    Interesting idea, putting wood from the body on both sides of the neck. Great playing too.
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    What musician's clinics have you attended & name something you learned from 'em!!

    I attended a Wynton Marsalis clinic in 88 or 89 and someone asked him about the beef between him and Miles Davis. Wynton said that Miles had challenged him to a fist fight. Wynton laughed and said that he didn't want to beat up an old man.
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    Russian Folk Singing

    Great music, thanks! Check these out. The quality of the videos is high and they are hilarious. especially the third one.
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    what the heck is going on in Japan?

    Yes. There is a great book about Japanese culture by Thomas Cleary. In it there is a story of a conversation between a US and Japanese politician discussing trade agreements. The American complained that even as Japan complained about being misunderstood, it does not try to make itself...
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    what the heck is going on in Japan?

    Let me introduce Mama Metal!

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