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    Cyber Monday/week deals!

    PGS seems to be unloading some TC stuff at almost 40% off.... Alter Ego 2 & Alter Ego x 4 ->$99 / $149 T2 reverb->$99 Flashback & Flashback x4 (B stock) -> $126 / $189
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    Convince me to give a Floyd Trem another try

    I could never get into Floyds Yes tuning was a pain and if it wasn't set up right you wouldn't be in tune for long. Unless you're really going to use it in your music, I would go hard tail and keep enjoying yourself.
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    What's between a Big Muff and a Tone Bender?

    The Mercy Seat "Feather Bender" Fuzz looks interesting. http://www.mercyseateffects.com/product/feather-bender-fuzz/ RGS and some Reverb vendors carry them.
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    Good semi-hollowbodies for $1000 or under

    The Ibanez Artist semi-hollows from the early 80s are solid. Or the AM50 from the same era is a great buy and they come up fairly often at less than $1000 on ebay.
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    My Fender BDRI's output has died....

    Fired her up today and there is next to no output .... a whisper if I dime it. Tested it with different cables and guitars, tubes all seem to be glowing and healthy, and it sounds like its on without anything plugged in (normal low hiss and hum). This amp hasn't been moved or jostled in months...
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    Flatwounds overview please

    You want flats for Jazz and roots music right? Because they don't really respond well to OD (polite way of saying they will sound like ass) and bending will be a bitch.
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    Difference between 11s and 10s?

    I recently upgraded from my trusty parts-caster(with .11s) to a real American Deluxe and I soon realized that there was a scale difference which really increased the string tension. My bend intonation was surprisingly and depressingly lame for the first few days but I recovered after a little...
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    American Deluxe (HSS) pick up replacement question....

    The answer I was looking for, thx.
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    American Deluxe (HSS) pick up replacement question....

    Hi guys. I just grabbed myself a 2010 AD HSS strat which I'm totally loving EXCEPT the stock HB which sounds kinda screechy to me. I've been eye-balling the SD pearly gates trembucker with the nickel cover but I'm finding a lot of conflicting info online about complications regarding hole size...
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    Rockett Pedals Archer (Klon clone)

    Finally received my Archer from Prymaxe. I've never used a Klon based pedal before but I really like it. Theres a warmth to it that my Morning Glory seems to lack as a first-in-chain tone shaping pedal.
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    Thoughts on Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

    Just picked up a 2010 Deluxe HSS for a great price and love it. Very well built. The N3s are not so bad, but the HB admittedly is kinda screechy though. I'll probably replace with a pearly gates .....
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    Advice on new Tremolo Pedal

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    Analogman Prince of Tone

    Could it be a POT that you guys build rather than a factory model?
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    Which attenuator...?

    I found that Webers don't attenuate gently. My mini mass doesn't seem to do much unless I go at least 2/3rds on the dial.
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