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    Baker NAMM on EBay now--Seen it?

    He is also an incredible photographer! He's landscapes are really awesome! He owned so much incredible pieces, my Cherry Bing 055 comes from Mark. Awesome man with awesome taste indeed!
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    Moonstone Guitars

    I had one M80, awesome guitar with Joe Barden's pick up, neck was seriously warped though and I had to sell it...
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    Does Gene Baker make a budget guitar line now?

    >As long as it sounds good and it's good quality who cares where it's coming from ?
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    Favorite Control Layout?

    Only problem with that kind of controls is that if you strum it somewhat a bit harder you're probably gonna switch pick ups without even wanting to do it (happenend to me also with the strat type control).
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    Ebony availability.

    Waow, Nice wood here, it does look extremely good but how does it sound?
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    Thorn #111 in the house!

    Waow, nice clip ! :) :horse
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    Mew Myka-OMG!

    Waow! That's a nice one!
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    Suhr nitro finishes

    And better than Tyler's :D
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    "WOW, Gene Baker's new creation!!!

    Waow ! Looks great but I really don't like the headstock inlay :'(
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    How the heck do you guys afford all of these boutique amps ?

    LOL Exactly what I use :)
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    Two Apparently Stolen Ruokangas

    Damn :( Awesome looking one :(
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    Baker B1-What to pay?

    Didn't offend me, no worries :) I love sushis too !
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