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    Gilmour Reveals the Secret to His Tone - Boss Heavy Metal

    He might have mistaken it for a Hyper Metal, which is more muffy. Very similar name.
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    Is Marshall going to release anything new ever? Looks nice, but not available in the US, and no switchable power. Anyway, custom finishes aren't a good long-term substitute for innovation. (Or...
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    Dumping on fender again

    I suspect lots of people don't even research alternative brands like Suhr. Fender is what they know. They just want a Fender, and they buy whatever variant is in their comfortable price range. Others, probably they appreciate the history, and aren't interested in someone else's take on a...
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    Recording with Waza Air

    Maybe this instead. You'd wirelessly transmit from your guitar to the recording interface.
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    Rick Astley seems pretty cool.

    Shatner has the same take on George Takei. To paraphrase, I don't know the man. We worked briefly decades ago. Why does he keep talking about me?
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    Rick Astley seems pretty cool.

    I think Moz and Marr is pretty much a "hell freezes over" situation.
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    Rick Astley seems pretty cool.

    And, yes, a well done sly Rick-Roll is still hilarious to me.
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    Rick Astley seems pretty cool.

    That Smiths video is fun. You can hear the entire crowd singing along. Same goes for the FF one.
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    Rick Astley seems pretty cool.

    Would not have guessed he'd have AC/DC, Bauhaus and prog-era Genesis in his bag. Sounds like he's still enjoying his life as a musician.
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    Michael McDonald killed the Doobie Brothers.

    I recall an interview where ZZ Top said they saw the writing on the wall, and decided to sit out the disco/soft-rock period. I think the bands mentioned above, and many others, took a different approach, adopting a different sound, remaining commercially relevant for the times, and probably...
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    So... we're dicks to online creators?

    I wouldn't watch a video of Beato explaining why he did this or that with his own composition. On the other hand, I'll watch a video of Beato explaining the different compositional/recording attributes of a well-known popular song that I like. So yes, he is using short snippets of someone...
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    The Cult - Electric. Tutorials for the entire album.

    Good video, there! I'm not saying Billy Duffy flies significantly under the radar, but I think he's still little under-rated. He dropped so many great rock-n-roll riffs on Electric and Sonic Temple.
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    When you don't have the chops to fully and accurately get a song down for your band...

    I've heard Any Way You Want It about a zillion times. I can only recall the melodic solo bits at 2:00 and beyond. I'm sure most people are the same. If you hit the bits of the solo that casual listeners can recall, and do whatever on the other bits, I'm sure you'll do the song justice.
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