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Recent content by cj_wattage

  1. cj_wattage

    Valuable guitar gadgets thats not a pedal

    I'll second the ebow. Love mine. I'll add: a good capo and slide are really nice to have to expand your tonal possibilities.
  2. cj_wattage

    Favourite Tubescreamer?

    TS7 is my fave. Classic tones with the option of kicking it up a notch in terms of gain/saturation.
  3. cj_wattage

    Ted Weber - a company run by real gentlemen

    I'm sure it's nice. But I might try to just build what I need, which is a simple 16 > 8ohm matcher.
  4. cj_wattage

    Why is my Rat quieter at the front of the chain?

    Yep. At the end of the chain, anything that's added to the noise floor by the preceding pedals and cables is going to get amplified along with your guitar.
  5. cj_wattage

    Am I the only one waiting on a flanger pedal?

    I've built a few in my day, and my favorite is the BYOC flanger kit. Multiple classic flange tones in one package. And it won't break the bank.
  6. cj_wattage

    So what do y'all think about the Dave Mustaine Gibsons?

    Yes, I know. I was there then and I'm here now. ;) Shakey is awesome and has a huge following. It's just a different world, as you say. Way back, there were fewer stars and they were much bigger. Now there are thousands of stars and smaller followings. I actually kinda like how it is now...
  7. cj_wattage

    Gibson SG Underrated

    Late to the party on this thread, but after about 25 years of mostly Strat and other strat-like guitars (and a few years of obsessing over Les Pauls), I ended up buying 2019 Standard SG and it was life-changing. This is the guitar that is perfect for me. So of course nearly immediately I...
  8. cj_wattage

    So what do y'all think about the Dave Mustaine Gibsons?

    I think a Shakey Graves signature Hummingbird would be pretty awesome. Although I'm not sure he's quite as well known as Slash was at the turn of the 90s. :)
  9. cj_wattage

    Favourite Analog Delay?

    I've played and owned a bunch, but the one I kept is a XO DMM. I swapped out one of the MN3008s with a MN3005 to push the max delay time a bit more and biased the BBDs a bit more conservatively to make it a bit cleaner. Definitely an under-rated gem of the BBD delay world.
  10. cj_wattage

    So what do y'all think about the Dave Mustaine Gibsons?

    If you want a no-hand-holding lesson on the rest of the song, this is fantastic:
  11. cj_wattage

    Pickup readings are significantly off what they should be.

    Lots of good replies here. It's a bit of everything. Your meter is not their meter. Measuring the pickups installed in the circuit is also going to give some variance. And, of course, there is a tolerance (+/-) on the stated measurements. But the good thing is that what you measured is...
  12. cj_wattage

    Mini toggle switches - All the same?

    Bust it open and have a look at the markings on the switch. Post a pic and crowdsource a solution. :) There are a few different package/footprints for switches generally used in pedals, but I'm pretty sure it can be quickly identified if there is a photo. Also, it could be on/off/on. You could...
  13. cj_wattage

    So what do y'all think about the Dave Mustaine Gibsons?

    I'm not a V guy at all. So these aren't for me regardless. I like the silver one okay. The green one looks like a Dimebag sig model Dean. Yep. Here's a great breakdown:
  14. cj_wattage

    How has your taste changed over the last 10 years?

    About 18 months ago, I discovered that I am actually a total SG guy. Would have never thought that in the first 20-ish years I'd been playing. I went from Strat to Ibanez shredder (770dx) to Les Paul, had a brief dalliance with PRS, Les Paul again, enjoyed Tele off and on, then Strat for a bit...
  15. cj_wattage

    Ted Weber - a company run by real gentlemen

    I still can't pull up the site on Windows with Chrome browser. But it works on my phone (Chrome) and also Windows with Firebox browser. Odd.