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Recent content by ck3

  1. ck3

    Digitech Synth Wah Alternative

    The DigiTech Dirty Robot can create many of the same textures, as can some of their older GNX series multifx processors. Zoom Multistomp processors with the latest firmware also have similar synth and filter effects onboard.
  2. ck3

    Digitech Obscura praise!

    My Prymaxe cyberspecial Obscura arrived yesterday, and I had some time this morning to explore its capabilities. So far, so good. Being a fan of skulls, skeletons, and most things metal, the aesthetics are actually up my alley. Also, Digitech opted for a nice, compact form factor, which is...
  3. ck3

    PSA- Digitech Obscura

    After viewing demo vids, the choice was clear. I was looking for an affordable alternative to a TC Nova Delay, and the timing of this thread couldn't be better. Now it's just a matter of whether or not the item will actually be in stock when my order is processed and/or I end up with a demo...
  4. ck3

    EHX Release Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi

    All 3 of the latest EHX Muff reissues have been fantastic, and now this. My interest is decidedly piqued. I could see the Sovtek Deluxe replacing my Vick Audio 1861 and EHX Russian RI and am guessing there was no room for the internal controls outside of the chassis.
  5. ck3

    Ibanez Tone-Lok fan club

    I previously cycled through almost all of the Tonelock series at various points and found the FZ7, PM7, and DE7 to be the pick of the litter. The LF7 and SB7 were both interesting, but ultimately not as inspiring as the aforementioned gems. The TS7 in hot mode was also a memorable experience...
  6. ck3

    Is there a “Klon” of fuzz pedals?

    The Carcosa can provide "chimey" fuzzdrive textures that may be in the ballpark of what the OP seeks. Yes and yes, especially if there's an additional input gain control. Also, though far from transparent in a traditional sense, the Basic Audio Fuzz Mutant can add ample grit and a bit of...
  7. ck3

    Let's have a Flanger thread because, why not?

    The Starlight V2 I previously owned seemed pretty quiet for the most part. More extreme settings resulted in self-oscillation, and there was audible hiss if it was fed into gain sources. I ended up hastily selling it to fund other gear after determining that I preferred the Mooer E-lady's...
  8. ck3

    Strictly FUZZ

    The cycle of creating new pedalboards around different heavy fuzzes continues. Muff variants were the focus for the last month or so before the latest iteration, which showcased a Jext Telez Dizzy Tone. The next one will center around a Super Electric Buzzaround. Another fuzzy tidbit worth...
  9. ck3

    Strictly FUZZ

    If you go Ram's Head, the Black Arts Toneworks Son of Pharoah cascades quite well into a dirty amp in its no diode clipping mode. Think super (yet controllable) sludge apocalypse.
  10. ck3

    Strictly FUZZ

    My reaction to the EHX Triangle RI has been similar to yours, though there seem to be usable settings with the sustain under 12:00, especially with a boost option comparable to a Colorsound Overdriver. What aspects of the Mooer Triangle Buff do you find more appealing? I'm curious given I...
  11. ck3

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2018 Edition

    I swapped out primary fuzz and supplementary dirt options since the last iteration: This setup does both doom and shoegaze equally well.
  12. ck3

    One OD and/or fuzz pedal to do it all

    In addition to the aforementioned RAT, dirtboxes based on the Harmonic Percolator circuit can cover a significant range of drivefuzzstortion textures. Amp gain and alternate pickup, tone, and volume settings can diversify things even more. The Foxrox ZIM is another option worth considering...
  13. ck3

    klons with extra features ?

    I also prefer octave up before a Klone. After will likely unleash a wave of piercing, metallic nastiness and may result in a slight volume swell effect. The results can be interesting either way, so that order switch idea is on point.
  14. ck3

    What are the most mid-scooped dirt pedals?

    The EHX Graphic Fuzz has some fantastic scooped mid settings. I especially enjoy subtracting 500 Hz from the mix. Also, the Roland AF-100 Bee Baa and most clones of it have a second Fuzz mode with zero mids and plenty of bite.
  15. ck3

    klons with extra features ?

    The midrange curve of Klones interacts nicely with analog-octave-up-type effects. If my experience with an Ampeg Scrambler clone is any indicator of what to generally expect, that Green Ringer combo likely sounds fierce. The Xinsound RM-20 Sky Overdrive is a budget-priced Klone with bonus...