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    Sold 2017 PRS Santana

    That's a stunner!
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    FSOT Nik Huber Redwood - mint... Trade's Added

    I had a redwood Huber ... magnificent instrument!
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    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    My guitar hero and the reason I play ... RIP Ed Guitar Legend.
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    FS 2010 Fender FSR Stratocaster in rare Sunfire Orange Flake

    What a beauty and quite the little gem! Here’s the factory specs although mine has been altered a bit with locking tuners, USA vintage bridge saddles and pearloid pickguard. It is in excellent condition. Shipped and insured CONUSA - $750.00 Thanks! More pics on my site below. Model Name...
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    Sold 2020 PRS Prototype SC 594 Brazilian

    I know this guitar... Killer! GLWTS!!
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    FS PRICE DROP - 2018 McNaught VSC Diamond Top

    outstanding guitars!!
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    Show me your Les Paul

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    A little Grosh love

    Yup! Not going anywhere, Robert ;)