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    Fuzz For Hendrix Tones

    MI Audio Neo Fuzz V2 Germanium for early Hendrix Fulltone 70's Fuzz Silicon for later Hendrix. I have the Strats, Marshall and these pedals work amazingly
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    Overdrive pedal vs low gain distortion pedal

    I have found that with the right settings even a Boss DS-1 can function as an overdrive. True, it doesn't clean up as well, but it can and will do the job.
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    MI Audio Neo Fuzz vs Dunlop FFM3 Mini

    I have the Neo Fuzz V2 above and it is amazing. Everything you would want from a germanium fuzz, plus more control over sag, and tone. I love that you can adjust the input to use a wah before it> My two cents!
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    Who is the Most "Likeable" Guitar God?

    Allan Holdsworth
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    ONE single song or tune that to this day still makes your eyes well up ?

    Stay With Me Clint Mansell Kronos Quartet Mogwai - The Fountain Soundtrack
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    Tweakable Fuzz Face types

    My money is on the MI Audio Neo Fuzz V2, germanium but oh so tweakable.
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    Tube Distortion

    Blackstar HT Pedals.
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    If you could revive one brand...

    Homebrew Electronics, i really want a Frostbite Flanger!
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    What fuzz face pedals choices are there with input level trimmers?

    Check out MI Audio GI Fuzz - silicon or Neo Fuzz - Germanium, Version 2 of each.
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    How many folks using front end of amp for overdrive vs. pedals? I need a sanity check

    Amp set to crunch, boosters and fuzzes for additional flavors. Marshall 2266 50 watt Vintage Modern. I keep the detail and body on 4 and 5, most of the crunch comes from volume/tone. Never played with pedals except for wah wah. Always got my gain from my Marshalls.
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    Your Favorite Cheapies

    Caline Orange Burst!
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    Favourite Cry Baby wah?

    GCB-95a audio taper, 470k ohm pot1
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    Best germanium fuzz that isn't Sunface NKT275

    i love my mi audio neo fuzz, tweakable and just plain germanium goodness!
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