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    Gretsch mini humbucker question

    I had a pro jet with those pickups years ago. P90s drop right in and they make covers for gibson mini hums that fit p90 routes as well. I wouldn’t go to the trouble to custom fit something to those covers. You could probably fit filtertons as well but might have to get creative with mounting.
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    Bands or artists that say who they are in a song.

    I wonder if this one counts since it’s a cover of Donovans song? :)
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    500k Tele Pots

    The art of tone on ebay. Great prices and selection.
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    Who was the first guitarist to put a humbucker in a Strat?

    Wayne has been mentioned a few times. He did in 1967.
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    Recommend me a new bridge for my Bigsby Telecaster

    That is a jaguar bridge but they are all interchangeable. Mustangs have fat saddles without individual height screws that people like better than those as it’s more mass & less fiddly. I do like your bridge since you can adjust string spacing. I have the same one on a mustang that I modded to...
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    Does anybody know what happened to Lovepedal?

    Well this is the danger when a company mixes the person(ality) and the business. There are people here that mailed in pedals to be repaired and have been ghosted and they absolutely should have an answer or be returned regardless of personal woes. You can’t have it both ways.
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    Same riff, 4 different distortion boxes. You be the judge.

    I also liked 2 the least and wasn’t surprised it was the ZW! My favorite od pedal is the mxr gtod which is the same as the ZW on a different internal dip switch setting. I tried it on the ZW side and did not like at all. If you take yours apart and drop the board you’ll see the switch at top...
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    Recordings with out of tune guitar?

    This one brings me back to teen punk years but first that came to mind. When the bass comes in at :08. Eh, close enough lads?
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    Songs that sound cheerful, until you actually listen...

    Upbeat, uptempo & necro-goth lyrics in 1957!
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    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    Yep! I recently got a 1960 Silvertone with a nice looking Brazilian board and bridge saddle. This should end the argument that there was something special or exotic about it at the time as silvertones and danelectros were made of the cheapest possible components.
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    How many screws should a bolt-on neck attachment use?

    Lots of supro/valco/national resoglass guitars were 1 bolt. They look like 2 with the silver covers but iirc the other is neck tilt. I had the jb hutto/jack white resoglass years ago and it was 1 bolt. My silvertone is 2 bolt. Never an issue.
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    Lyric snips that are incredibly powerful

    Or anything from Nick Cave here. NSFW!
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    Lyric snips that are incredibly powerful

    Don’t think you can top Shane with quips. “I’ll walk there with my feet, and leave there on my back”
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