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    I've always hated PRS... but I think it might be time for one?

    I think you're after a G&L Comanche. Dead-silent z-coil pickups, clear, hi-fi sound that cover a lot of sonic territory. Bass and treble controls to dial things in (not just a dodgy tone control like a strat that just makes everything duller). 7 different pickup combinations. Great tuning...
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    Fuzz pedal possessed by the TV

    I think my fuzz pedal is watching TV! When I turn it on, I can hear a station calling the olympics. What's going on!? Help!
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    New modulation pedals and their "extreme" settings - Are they actually usable in a musical context?

    It seems that many of the new modulation pedals have all sorts of extreme settings / detune settings, or other "random" modulations that to my ears is just rubbish. Does anyone actually use these crazy vibrato/chorus/detune/bitcrusher settings? Can anyone point to actual examples of this in...
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    When I posted that back in January, it was listed at $100K. It obviously didn't sell, so now it's $20K.
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    There is an original green one #226 up for sale for $100,000 on the Australian Ebay. !!!
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    Based on that link, it looks like only 250 will be made.
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    Here's a Gibson CC ES335 in bronze!
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    Favorite YouTube pedal reviewer

    Johnny DeMarco ;-)
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    Solo Boost Suggestions for The Dude

    I love my Koko boost running at 18v
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    Best "Marshall In A Box" Pedals

    My Marshall DriveMaster sounds pretty good I reckon. Oldie, but goodie.
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    Songs that use a rotary effect

    Wow. Thanks for so many responses... I have some watching and listening to do. I love Govt. Mule and SRV. Didn't know about many of the songs/bands mentioned here... A few years ago I saw Greg Koch doing a Fender roadshow and absolutely killing it with a Neo Ventilator. That's what has made...
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    Songs that use a rotary effect

    I'm looking for songs that use the rotary effect. What comes to mind?
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    looking for just the right boost

    I've only used the Suhr Koko Boost, and love it. It's almost always on in some capacity. It has a boost, as well as a mid-boost. The multi-stage boosting is very cool.
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    What pickups are in your 335 now ?

    LollarTrons. Sounds like a woody single-coil..
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    Gibson Chris Cornell ES-335.

    Wow. Just heard the news. So sad. I'm going to play black #245 tonight....:(
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